Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Snippets - Anwar

Posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at on July 5, 2008 11:04 AM

Some say let bygone be bygone. As good Muslims we should forget and forgive.

It is easy to say this if you are not the subject of Anwar's plotting and vengeance.

Anwar has succeeded in blackening my name in the United States and Europe of course, but also in Muslim countries. They all think I simply threw him in prison for political reasons.

He never said anything about how he was tried, how he was defended by nine lawyers, how the judge wrote a 360-page judgement against him, how his appeals were thrown out twice.

He has sued me for RM100 million. He has successfully caused my lawyer to lose credibility. Now I have no lawyer to defend me against his suit. I still have this suit against me. There is no certainty that some legal arguments by judges may not end up in finding me guilty of publicly saying he was guilty of sodomy even though that is the truth.

Anwar obtained the recording of Linggam's telephone conversation obviously for blackmailing purpose. The man responsible is in his party now.

He made out that he was interested in the proper appointment of judges but actually his action was in order to seek revenge against me.

Now the Royal Commission has named me as one of those to be investigated although I had nothing to do with Linggam and his activities. I only came to know Linggam because he was successful in some litigation cases. So I decided to take him as my lawyer in the case by Anwar.

But the Royal Commission concluded that if it is possible that I was involved then I must be involved. It is almost like saying if it is possible I had murdered a person then I must have murdered the person. Proof beyond reasonable doubt is not necessary here.

The Anti-Corruption Agency has interrogated me for three-hours. I am sure I will be questioned in court also because of a possibility that I was lobbied on the appointment of judges.

I am aware of efforts to find if I had committed offences during my 22 years as Prime Minister. So far they haven't found anything. But now they have found an indirect way of getting at me.

I am not seeking sympathy from anyone. But it is a little bit too much to expect me to forget and forgive something that is happening now as a result of Anwar's plottings.

Now he has turned his attention to Dato Seri Najib. As usual he has found someone to make incriminating statements for him.

There seems to be no connection between his plotting against me and his attack against Dato Seri Najib. But if we look into who would be the beneficiary, we would see the connection.

Like Ian Chin, helping the present powers that be is a form of defence.