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As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on April 20, 2017

1. Najib wants the world to respect Malaysia.

2. It is going to be a very difficult task for the world.

3. Currently the world has labelled Malaysia as one of the ten most corrupt country in the world. And there are good reasons for labelling Malaysia corrupt.

4. Najib himself is alleged by the American Department of Justice as being involved in the biggest money laundering activities in the world. Then of course is the loss of billions of Ringgit by 1MDB under Najib. Bankers in Singapore have been jailed and two banks forced to close down for their role in illegal dealings with 1MDB. The Swiss A.G. has failed to get the cooperation of the Malaysian A.G. over illegal dealings involving 1MDB.

5. And now a deputy minister had been caught telling a lie that the Malaysian A.G. had asked for information on 1MDB from the Swiss A.G. which the Swiss promptly denied.

6. Then there is the USD681 million in the PM’s private account which no one in the world believes is a gift from a Saudi prince.

7. The world press is asking why Najib is still the Prime Minister of Malaysia, and no investigation has been made by the police over reports of Najib’s wrongdoings by Bank Negara, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and the Auditor-General. That these reports have been made official secrets is something that is difficult for the world to accept. Hiding evidence is a crime in any country. But in Malaysia the Government of Najib does this with impunity.

8. The world is aware of the sackings of auditors by 1MDB and that there has been no auditing of 1MDB over the last two years.

9. These facts are known to the world. Malaysians will know more. They know that the Malaysian Government is highly indebted, is in deficit, is unable to meet budget allocations. They know of the high level of corruption in the Government. They laugh at the orchestrated shows of support for the Prime Minister. And they know of the huge sums of money received by BN members of Parliament to ensure their loyalty.

10. They know of the depreciation of the Ringgit, the high cost of living and the fall in their living standards.

11. The controlled media may make glowing reports about Malaysia’s economy but the world knows that Malaysians are suffering in terms of the economy, are living in fear of harassment by Government agencies, of high levels of unemployment.

12. In this world of easy communications and the Internet, what Malaysians know will also be known to the rest of the world. Hence the question asked of Malaysians when abroad. Where before there was admiration for Malaysia’s achievement, now foreigners ask Malaysians, “What is happening to your country?” Clearly they know that things are going wrong in Malaysia.

13. But Najib seems to demand that the world respect Malaysia. What is there for the world to respect about Malaysia.

14. Can they respect Malaysia because BN has the means to realise its promises to Malaysians. So far the BN record is the worst registered in terms of economic achievements, democracy and the rule of law, freedom of the media and free speech, open debates and quality of life. And the history of wrong doings by Najib as listed above cannot be unknown to the world.

15. In fact Malaysians abroad often hide their Malaysian identity for fear of being told about the corruption and the allegations of wrongdoings by their Prime Minister.

16. Najib should stop making ridiculous demands that the world should respect Malaysia. But if this is what he wants, then allow the courts to hear charges of wrongdoings by him and lift the ban on the reports by Bank Negara, MACC and the Auditor General.

17. Better still, he should resign and let Malaysia be democratic again. A kleptocracy, a Malaysia ruled by crooks and criminal as alleged by numerous foreigners and their institutions will never gain the respect of the world.


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on April 19, 2017

1. It is amusing to read about Dato’ Sri Najib urging Malaysians to have high cultural and moral values. Even more amusing is his demand for the world to respect his Malaysia.

2. But then Najib does not believe in leadership by example. He apparently believes in doing what “I tell you to do and not what I do”.

3. But whether he believes in leadership by example or not his followers cannot help but look up to him as their model. Accordingly his UMNO followers have become as corrupt and immoral as him.

4. How on earth does he expect that in 33 years time, through his 2050 Transformation Slogan, Malaysian would posses high moral values and culture?

5. Najib is not an example of a person of high moral values. In the first place he believes that cash is king. This simply means that people can be corrupted to make them do anything; to vote for BN in the next election for example. As a result Malaysia has been classified as one of the then most corrupt countries in the world. Do people respect a highly corrupt country.

6. And the money for corruption will come largely from stolen 1MDB money. Incidentally there seems to have been no audit of 1MDB money over the last two years. Is this something which will make the world respect us.

7. Now we hear reports of senior civil servants having hundreds of millions of Ringgit which had obviously been acquired corruptly. Far from achieving higher moral values, it seems the values have deteriorated under Najib. Morality and culture are going from bad to worse. Merely introducing a new slogan about Transformation in 33 years is not going to spin Malaysians around to possess high cultural and moral values.

8. Actually Najib’s call to Malaysians to achieve high moral values and culture and for the world to respect Malaysia is ludicrous. Currently Malaysia’s name is mud to the world. Malaysians are ashamed to admit they are Malaysians when abroad. Such as the reputation of Malaysia caused by Najib’s 1MDB losing billions of Ringgit, money laundering and the billions found in his banking account.

9. Worse still is the fact that he is still the Prime Minister of Malaysia. In Brazil and South Korea, mere suspicion of corruption has resulted in suspension and arrest. But in Malaysia Najib is safe and is brazenly telling Malaysians to be honest, and demanding the world to respect this corrupt country.


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on April 17, 2017

1. PAS ditubuh oleh ulama UMNO yang kecewa kerana sebab-sebab tertentu. Nama asalnya ialah Pan-Malayan Islamic Party (PMIP).

2. Sejak PMIP sebagai PAS bertanding dalam pilihanraya, parti itu tidak pernah menang besar di peringkat nasional.

3. Apabila bertanding bersendirian pencapaiannya amat rendah. Hanya pada 1959, PRU Pertama, PAS menang 13 kerusi. Pada PRU Kedua 9 kerusi dan Ketiga 12 kerusi.

4. Apabila menjadi komponen dalam BN pada 1974, PAS menang 13 kerusi.

5. Kemudian pada 1978, 1982, 1986, setelah berpisah dari BN dan bertanding bersendirian PAS menang 5, 5, 1 sahaja.

6. Sebaliknya apabila bersama dengan Semangat 46 dan secara tidak langsung dengan DAP, PAS menang 7 kerusi pada 1990, 1995.

7. Hanya apabila bersama PKR dan DAP dalam Barisan Alternatif pada 1999 barulah PAS dapat kemenangan tertinggi iaitu 27 kerusi.

8. Pencapaian PAS menurun dengan teruk apabila DAP tidak menyertai Barisan Alternatif pada 2004, dengan memenangi hanya 7 kerusi.

9. Kemudian PAS menyertai Pakatan Rakyat bersama DAP dan PKR. Prestasi PAS meningkat semula dengan memenangi 23 kerusi pada 2008 dan 21 kerusi pada 2013.

10. Dari pencapaian PAS selama ia ditubuh, harapan untuk memerintah diperingkat pusat tidak ada sama sekali. Hanya diwaktu menyertai Barisan Nasional sahaja yang PAS menjadi parti kecil dalam kerajaan pusat.

11. Perjuangannya sebagai parti Islam, jika ada, tidak sedikitpun berhasil. Kejayaannya terhad kepada memecahbelah orang Melayu sehingga pengaruh dan kuasa mereka berkurangan dalam politik negara.

12. Sekarang PAS akan sekali lagi bertanding bersendirian. Mengikut rekod PAS yang tertera di atas, jika PAS bertanding sebanyak 80 kawasan Parlimen, pencapaian mungkin tidak lebih dari 15 kerusi.

13. Kebanyakan dari 80 kawasan ini, PAS tahu PAS akan kalah. Tetapi mengikut adat PAS, di kawasan yang PAS tidak ada harapan langsung pun, PAS akan bertanding.

14. Secara teknikal PAS melawan UMNO BN, selain dari melawan parti-parti lain yang meletak calon.

15. Dengan PAS bertanding dan menjadikan pertandingan tiga atau lebih penjuru, kesannya ialah memecahbelah musuh-musuh BN (UMNO). PAS akan kalah dan mengheret turun parti pembangkang lain. UMNO akan menang, kerana penyokong parti lawan berpecah.

16. Secara langsung PAS berusaha, membelanja wang yang tidak sedikit untuk memberi kemenangan kepada BN dan Dato Sri Najib. Jika dikatakan PAS dibawah pimpinan Hj Hadi menyokong kepimpinan Najib, ia bukanlah keterlaluan. Ia memang benar.

17. Bagi orang Melayu penubuhan PAS adalah satu malapetaka. Ia memecahbelah perpaduan Melayu dalam UMNO yang berjaya tumpas Malayan Union. Walaupun orang Melayu menjadi majoriti di Malaysia, tetapi dengan adanya PAS orang Melayu tidak menjadi majoriti lagi.

18. Lebih dari IMP (Independent of Malaya Party) pimpinan Dato Onn, penubuhan PAS sebagai serpihan dari UMNO melemahkan kuasa politik Melayu dan menghalang kemajuan mereka.

19. Oleh kerana semua orang Melayu beragama Islam, penubuhan PAS bukan sahaja memecahbelah orang Melayu tetapi juga memecahbelah orang Islam. Demikianlah dalam usaha PAS untuk mendapat sokongan mereka sanggup mengkafir orang Melayu yang tidak menyertai parti PAS. Dengan ini gejala sosial menimpa keluarga Melayu kerana ada ahli PAS yang mengkafir ibubapa mereka dan menganggap perkahwinan mereka tidak sah. Sehingga ke hari ini pun ada tempat di mana orang Melayu tidak sembahyang bersama.

20. Keputusan PAS menolak kerjasama dengan parti-parti pembangkang dan meletak calon di dalam kawasan yang PAS tidak mungkin menang bermakna PAS menyokong UMNO dan Najib dengan memecah undi pembangkang. Sejak PAS ditubuhkan, perpecahan dikalangan orang Melayu dan orang Islam di Malaysia tidak dapat dipulih lagi.


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on April 17, 2017

1. Money is no longer in the form of coins and currency notes. Today money may be in the form of cheques, credit cards, entries in the account books of banks, telegraphic transfers, even bit coins.

2. But whatever form that money takes, except for small amounts, all others must be recorded in writing or some form of permanent records.

3. Money in the banks may be in the form of coins, currency notes or gold. But in whatever form the value they represent must be as stated in account books. Much of the money dealt in banking transactions do not exist except in the account books of their banks. Banks may therefore lend money which they don’t have. This is necessary because there cannot be enough coins or currency notes minted for the needs of business.

4. We hear much these days of huge sums of money being owned by the rich. Actually they do not have the money in cash i.e. coins and currency notes. They only have entries in the bank books indicating the money they have with the banks.

5. If they want to use their money for payment of goods or services, they merely issue cheques to the amount.

6. Today they may use a credit card which would be accepted by the seller of goods or service, which the seller can claim from the bank. Usually the claim involves a transfer from the account of the buyer to the account of the seller in the bank.

7. If the seller needs to use the money in his accounts, he merely issues a cheque or he uses his credit card.

8. No cash in the form of coins and currency notes are involved at anytime.

9. When a large sum of money is paid to a person for whatever reason, the money could be in the form of a cheque. The cheque has to be deposited in a bank where the sum is credited to the account of the receipient. The cheque is retained by the bank but the stub is retained by the depositor. Of course the depositor can also maintain a book recording the payments made to the bank, or the receipt of money from the bank. In addition the cheques can hold record of the transaction.

10. If for example USD681 million is donated to a person, then this amount will be in the record of the donor’s bank in the first place. There will be records in the bank of the money deposited with it. These records will have details of the source of money, the form of money and a lot of other details.

11. When the money is given to a receipient, the source bank will have records of the acts involved in instructing the bank, the form of transfer, receipts by the receipient or the receipient’s bank charges etc.

12. The receipient bank will credit the amount in the account of the receipient with details of the donor’s bank.

13. If subsequently the receipient spends the money, for whatever purpose, it will be recorded by the bank (debited), recorded in the cheques issued and if the cheque is cashed, the cash paid out as cash or cheques or transfer to the account of the creditor would all be recorded.

14. Clearly an investigator can follow the records of the movements of the USD681 million including the return of USD620 million to the generous Saudi Prince.

15. Banking secrecy should not be in the way of an investigation by Government authorities investigating criminal acts.

16. The mere letter of admission by the generous donor is not enough. Neither can the decision of the Attorney General that there has been no wrongdoings be accepted without all the records aforementioned.

17. Even swearing on the Quran is not acceptable as we cannot tell how strong is the faith of the swearer.

18. So, what can be believed is that the USD681 million or RM2.6 billion in the account of the Prime Minister is 1MDB money. And unless it can be proven otherwise the money must have been stolen. The person stealing money must be classified as a thief whether he is punished or not.

Thursday, April 13, 2017


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on April 12, 2017

1. 1MDB is about money. It was set up as “Sovereign Wealth Fund”. But it is not. It is not because the 42 billion Ringgit was borrowed. And borrowed money cannot be regarded as wealth.

2. Money today takes many form. Originally it came as coins made of precious metal. It later is represented as currency notes, then as cheques, credit cards, debit cards and now as pin numbers.

3. Whatever form that money takes, it cannot be moved without some written records. These records may be as receipts for payment, bills, cheques and cheque stubs, entries in account books of traders and banks, records of electronic transfers etc.

4. The names of the owners or recipient must be in these records, especially when large transactions are involved.

5. If it is claimed that some generous Arab had given the USD 681 million, there must be plenty of records. The donor must have records of the money deposited in his bank, from which he must have given the money. He cannot have that amount of money as cash in his house. His donation must have been recorded in the bank or banks.

6. The bank will have the name of the owner, when he received the money, from whom, to whom, in current account, or fix-deposit, in one lump sum or in drip and drab, currencies used, deposited as cash or cheques or electronic transfer etc.

7. And when the money is donated to the lucky recipient, what form did it take; as cash or cheques or electronic transfer, from whom to whom, account number, entries in books, the bank where the money is held, the cheques or cash drawn and transferred, the electronic transfer, the recipient banks, the records in the recipient banks’ books, the cheques drawn on the bank, payment made, to whom, statement in bank account etc etc.

8. Clearly money, especially large sums of money cannot be moved within a country or across borders without a whole series of reports or notes being made in banks and cheques and the account books as to who paid the recipient for goods or services etc etc.

9. Merely declaring that the money is a donation for whatever purpose or a letter from the alleged donor is not enough. A declaration by the A.G. that there was nothing wrong with the transaction is also not enough.

10. Let us see all the records and the documents including the business of the ultra rich donor who had donated easily the biggest sum of money in the history of human charity. Let us see the cheques drawn or the money in the Arab Malaysian Bank.

11. Let an independent body have sight of all the documents and swear as to the truth of their findings.

12. Until then we can only accept the report of the Department of Justice of America as God given truth, that 1MDB money has been stolen by the people responsible for its management, i.e. by the Chairman of the Advisory Board of 1MDB, that Jho Low still has most of the billions and that the money can be used to bribe, particularly in the PRU 14.

13. I wonder who advised the all-powerful Attorney General not to talk to the press, not to explain “No Further Action (NFA)” does not mean no further action but means further action can be taken. Is his “consent to Bank Negara” to issue a letter of administrative compound to 1MDB not a consent but is a denial of agreement to what Bank Negara was legally required to do.

14. Or is “no wrongdoing” an admission that there was wrongdoing by Najib.


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on April 10, 2017

Since the debate had been disallowed, I believe Malaysians missed the opportunity to hear Nazri Aziz explaining some of the burning questions I would have asked. These questions are based on known facts and are not wild accusations or speculations.

1. For example the Malaysian Attorney General declared that Najib was not guilty of any wrongdoings.

2. Accordingly all the reports by Bank Negara, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and the Auditor General which were the bases for indicting Najib, were dismissed by him. But they were also put under the Malaysian Official Secrets Act, which means nobody can quote from them even if they had read them.

3. And Najib declares that he had done nothing wrong.

4. On the other hand the Singapore prosecutors have found

i. Yak Yew Chee, former director of Swiss bank BSI, guilty of four criminal charges related to Malaysia’s state investor 1MDB.
ii. Yvonne Seah Yew Foong, a former BSI private banker, was sentenced to two weeks jail and fined $10,000 becoming the second person convicted in Singapore’s probe into 1Malaysia Development Bhd.
iii. Former BSI banker Yeo Jiawei was jailed for 30 months for witness tampering in 1MDB scandal.
iv. Falcon Bank’s ex-Singapore branch manager, Jens Sturzenegger, jailed 28 weeks and fined S$128,000 in 1MDB related scandal.

5. Also reported by the Straits Times of Singapore is Sturzenegger’s ties with Jho Low (Low Taek Jho) a close friend of Najib, “accused around the world of being at the centre of alleged massive money laundering linked to 1MDB”.

6. Clearly Singapore finds a lot of things wrong with 1MDB funds and management. But Malaysia’s famous Attorney General declares there is nothing wrong in the operation of 1MDB money. He does not see any need for continued investigations.

7. It cannot be that 1MDB money flew on its own to Singapore into the hands of the four crooks named. Somebody in Malaysia who managed 1MDB must have sent the money to Singapore. Somebody from 1MDB must have had dealings with the crooked Singapore bankers and the banks involved. Somebody in 1MDB’s management must know about the systematic siphoning of 1MDB money, or abuses of the authority to handle it.

8. But the A.G., the Malaysian police and 1MDB executives are not interested. The whereabouts of the 1MDB money and the siphoning of a substantial amount of it by various people seems to be of no concern to Malaysian authorities. That billions of Ringgit of 1MDB money have been lost is also of no concern to Malaysian authorities, the 1MDB managers and Najib as the sole authority on 1MDB money and as Prime Minister of the country.

9. When the BMF money was lost way back in 1981 the Government set up a committee of three, headed by Tan Sri Ahmad Nordin, the Auditor General then, to investigate the management of BMF and the losses, although the money lost was not Government money. A white paper was issued and parliament debated the matter openly. The report was not placed under the Official Secrets Act.

10. Civil suits against BMF officials were initiated by the Government and extradition began to bring back Lorrain Osman.

11. The amount lost by BMF was about USD47.5 million (RM118.75 million at the exchange rate in 1980s), a piddling sum compared to the RM42 billion (42 thousand millions) involved in 1MDB scandal. Yet the Government of that time initiated action against the culprits. In the end Lorrain was jailed and others who were implicated punished or fled the country.

12. In the case of 1MDB and the loss of billions as well as the continued need to pay billions for loans raised by 1MDB, the Attorney General merely said nothing wrong was done and no more investigation needed to be made.

13. This decision by Tan Sri Dato Apandi b. Hj. Ali, the Attorney General clearly seem to be a cover-up of Najib’s involvement in the losses, the obvious possibility that the DOJ’s allegation that the RM2.6 billion ($681 million) in his bank account came from 1MDB is true.

14. Najib’s approval must be obtained for all money transactions by 1MDB, according to article 117 in 1MDB’s Articles of Association. Any loss of money by 1MDB must therefore be placed squarely on Najib’s shoulders.

15. On 3rd June 2015 Bank Negara issued a statement which include the legal provision under which the bank would trigger formal investigations. The provisions are:

i. When monies for which approvals are given are not used for the purpose indicated in the submission;
ii. When incorrect or false information are provided in the submission;
iii. Failure to comply with the conditions in the approval.

16. If any or all of these rules and regulations are breached then Bank Negara would revoke the approval.

17. The statement went on to say “with respect to 1MDB, a formal inquiry has commenced to examine any contravention of the Central Bank’s rules and legislation……”.

18. It seems that Bank Negara did carry out an inquiry on 1MDB for on 28th April 2016, the bank issued the following statement:
“Following receipt of the consent of the Attorney General today, Bank Negara Malaysia has issued a letter of administrative compound to 1MDB for failure to comply with directions issued under the Financial Services Act, 2013. This includes requirement for 1MDB to repatriate monies remitted abroad following the revocations of the three permissions granted by Bank Negara Malaysia to 1MDB in 2009, 2010 and 2011. 1MDB has also failed to submit evidence and documentation specified by the Bank to justify its liability to fully comply with the repatriation order. 1MDB has been given until 30 May 2016 to pay the compound. The payment of the compound marks the conclusion of the investigation by Bank Negara Malaysia on the contraventions to the rules and regulations of the Central Bank.”

19. Conclusion of investigation does not mean no action should be taken based on the results of the investigation.

20. In a news report on 25 May 2016 “1MDB confirms that it has today made payment in full, of the compound, in compliance with the decision of BNM”.

21. This payment of the compound means that 1MDB does not dispute the correctness of the accusations made by Bank Negara that it is guilty of wrongdoings with regard to the approval of Bank Negara for USD1.83 billion for debt management and restructuring exercises overseas.

22. Since the Attorney General had given his consent to the action taken by Bank Negara, he himself has clearly admitted that 1MDB was involved in wrongdoings with regard to the approval of Bank Negara.

23. The wrongdoings of 1MDB must be shouldered by Dato Sri Najib because they cannot be done without his approval (article 117 of 1MDB Articles of Association).

24. How then can the A.G. declare that Najib has committed no wrongdoings when he himself had given his consent to Bank Negara to issue a letter of administrative compound (fine).

25. According to the law the A.G.’s decision is final. In the courts, appeals are allowed. But alone in this country the A.G. holds indisputable authority. But the fact remains that his decision is contrary to his earlier decision to give Bank Negara consent to compound (fine) 1MDB.


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on April 06, 2017

1. Saya amat gembira kerana dapat meringankan sedikit tekanan sara hidup penduduk Pulau Tuba, Langkawi.

2. Penduduk Pulau berkenaan tahu bahawa lawatan saya akan disusuli dengan lawatan pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO.

3. Bukanlah mereka gembira dengan lawatan orang UMNO ini. Kata mereka “menyampah”.

4. Tetapi orang-orang ini akan bawa kotak plastik besar yang dilabel “Barakah”. Dalam kotak-kotak ini terdapat tepung, gula dan minyak masak dan lain-lain.

5. Ini adalah hadiah dari Dato Sri Najib khusus kepada orang kampung yang dilawati oleh saya dan tokoh-tokoh Parti Pribumi.

6. Selain dari itu, jika terdengar saya akan buat lawatan, Najib akan dahului saya. Pulau Tuba akan dapat stadium mini dan jalan tar dari Najib kerana rancangan saya melawat pulau itu.

7. Banyaklah kampung-kampung yang menjemput saya untuk buat lawatan. Dan saya akan cuba membuat sebanyak lawatan yang mungkin kerana ini adalah satu cara bagi saya menolong rakyat mengatasi beban hidup rakyat kerana dasar Kerajaan Dato Sri Najib.

8. Saya ucap berbanyak terima kasih kepada YAB Perdana Menteri yang sanggup kongsi dengan rakyat Malaysia duit yang diperolehi dari 1MDB, walaupun tidak halal.


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on April 04, 2017

1. Jahat sungguh polis Malaysia. Sementara Menteri-Menteri dan Najib sendiri tidak menghalang debat saya dengan Nazri, polis daerah pandai-pandai menyekat.

2. Kononnya sekolah tidak boleh guna; kononnnya ada kemungkinan rusuhan berlaku, ada protes dari rakyat dan bermacam lagi.

3. Semua ini kerenah polis. IGP pun tidak ada halangan. Katanya ini bukan business polis. Yang tidak beri kelulusan ialah pegawai daerah polis (OCPD).

4. Timbalan Menteri Dalam Negeri pun pegawai-pegawai polis tak hormat. Bukankah YB Nur Jazlan sudah berfirman bahawa ia tidak ada halangan. Bahkan dia sokong debat diadakan. Tetapi itu pun tidak dihiraukan oleh pegawai rendah polis. Ia tak beri atau tarik balik kelulusan.

5. Sesungguhnya pegawai rendah polis sudah ambil alih negara ini. Kerajaan, Menteri-Menteri dan Najib begitu demokratik, hendak beri kebebasan sepenuhnya kepada rakyat. Tetapi polis ganggu. Jahat sungguhlah polis.

6. Sekarang IGP sendiri terpaksa ikut kehendak pegawai dibawahnya. IGP pula tidak bersetuju supaya debat diadakan di Shah Alam.

7. Mujurlah Menteri Kewangan 2, Abdul Ghani mencadang supaya debat diadakan di hotel. Demikianlah minat Kerajaan untuk melihat debat diadakan.

8. Penganjur belum sambut cadangan baik ini. Jika tidak sambut janganlah salah Kerajaan demokratik Najib debat tidak diadakan. Jangan salah Nazri pun kerana Menteri Kerajaan ini menawar Antartica dan penguins yang penyokong saya tidak mampu pergi. Saya tak dapat tinggal negara demokratik ini terlalu lama.

9. Saya kecewa kerana untuk wacana “Nothing to Hide” dahulu pun polis buat kacau. Najib hilang peluang untuk mencerita bagaimana kawan Arabnya memberi kepadanya hanya USD681 million (2.6 billion Ringgit diwaktu itu) dan membisik bahawa ia patut masuk dalam akaun peribadinya, belanja sesuka hatinya tanpa pengetahuan sesiapa.

10. Kerana IGP bebas menghalang Najib, PM Malaysia tidak dapat bersih dirinya dari tuduhan tak berasas.

11. Kata Nazri Malaysia sudah jadi “Polis State”. Ya benar. Benang-benang halus yang menggerak bibir dan lidah polis sebenarnya tidak ada walaupun ternampak ada.

12. Syabas Malaysia, negara demokratik yang tidak ada tolok bandingnya.


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on March 30, 2017

1. I welcome Najib’s statement that 1MDB has cleared all its bank debts and short term debts.

2. Since 1MDB is not doing any business, the payment cannot be from profits. It must be from the RM10.97 billion sale of Edra Global Energy Bhd’s asset, Syarikat Bandar Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Sungai Besi Airport) equity and the Tun Razak Exchange Land.

3. The payments listed adds up to RM3.9 billion. So 1MDB is left with RM7.07 billion.

4. But the total debt incurred by 1MDB is RM50 billion as of January 2016.

5. Bank Negara has instructed 1MDB to bring back all the money that was invested not according to the approval given by the bank upon presentation made by 1MDB.

6. 1MDB issued a statement on 28th April 2016 that it respects authority and decision of BNM.

7. On May 25, 2016 1MDB announced that it has made full payment of a fine imposed by BNM.

8. No mention is made of the amount of the fine.

9. No mention is also made about bringing back all the money that had been “invested” abroad.

10. It would be interesting to know whether 1MDB has other assets to sell to pay the balance of the RM50 billion debts amounting to RM40 billion. If there are no more assets, how does 1MDB propose to raise this RM40 billion.

11. What is the rate of interest on this balance? Unless the interest is paid the RM40 billion would increase considerably. Is 1MDB paying the interest, if not on the principal.

12. If there are no more assets, where is the RM40 billion. It is a large sum of money. It must be somewhere. Has the money been invested. If so in what. Or has it been frozen. If so who has frozen the money and why. Is 1MDB entitled to claim the frozen money? Has 1MDB brought back all the unfrozen money invested not in accordance with the approval of BNM as required. If not where is the money.

13. The statement by Najib in answer to Er Teck Hwa (DAP – Bakri) raises more questions than answers.

14. Perhaps the Prime Minister can explain. It is the people’s money. They are entitled to know as in the end they will have to pay, one way or another.

Thursday, March 16, 2017


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on March 15, 2017

1. ​Cash is King atau Wang Tunai itu Raja bermakna kepercayaan bahawa sogokan wang; rasuah boleh menjayakan apa sahaja.

2.​ Inilah yang dipercayai oleh Dato Seri Najib Perdana Menteri Malaysia. Dia percaya dia boleh berjaya melalui rasuah.

3. ​Ternampak ramai juga dari pemegang jawatan tinggi dalam Kerajaan Malaysia sekarang yang percaya Cash is King. Sebab itu kita lihat sekarang bukan sahaja rasuah melibatkan ramai pegawai tinggi Kerajaan tetapi jumlah wang yang mereka kumpul juga amat besar; berpuluh bahkan beratus juta Ringgit. Cara hidup mereka juga mewah luar biasa.

4. ​Kesannya ialah peningkatan kos segala-galanya, hasil kerja berkualiti rendah dengan harga yang lebih tinggi kerana pemberi rasuah cuba mendapat balik wang yang dihulur untuk kelulusan dari pegawai.

5. ​Ramai pemimpin politik Kerajaan sudah menjadi begitu kaya kerana rasuah. Tidak ada segan silu lagi apabila menunjuk stail cara hidup mewah yang melebihi pendapatan yang halal. Jika orang ramai lihat perbelanjaan perkahwinan anak yang menelan berjuta ringgit, pemilikan rumah seperti mahligai, kereta mewah dan lain-lain, itu okay. Apa yang mereka boleh buat. Aku kebal, kata perasuah.

4. ​Jika pemimpin tertinggi jelas menerima rasuah dan percaya cash is king, kenapa mereka yang berada di bawah pemimpin perasuah ini tidak boleh terima bahagian mereka. Maka bertimbun-timbunlah kes rasuah yang dikesan oleh badan pencegah rasuah. Dan masyarakat pun tidak lagi hairan melihat kes-kes ini. Dia sudah jadi perkara biasa!

5. ​Jika dunia mendakwa negara Malaysia tinggi indeks korupsinya, itu pun okay. Apa yang mereka boleh buat. Kita ada kawan yang tidak peduli indeks apa pun.

6. ​Budaya masyarakat sudah berubah dan menerima Cash is King sebagai sebahagian dari budaya kita. Untuk apa sahaja, sogokan perlu diberi dengan wang rasuah yang meningkat. Dan kos sara hidup meningkat. Pembangunan pun tersekat, khidmat pun terlewat.

7. ​Apabila datang seorang menghulur duit untuk mendapat khidmat yang percuma, percayalah tujuannya ialah untuk membolehkannya kuasa dan peluang untuk melakukan sesuatu yang tidak baik. Yang menerima sogokan akan menjadi rakan dalam jenayah yang akan dilakukan.

8. ​Demikian undi dalam PRU adalah percuma. Tidak ada bayaran apa-apa yang diperlukan. Jika sesiapa menghulur duit untuk mendapat undi, sebabnya tentulah kerana mempunyai niat yang tidak baik jika menang.

9. ​Perlakuan yang tidak baik oleh pemenang melalui rasuah tetap akan membawa kerosakan yang akhirnya akan dirasai oleh pengundi itu sendiri. Lebih dari itu jika pemenang mendiri Kerajaan, maka kuasa dan kewangan Kerajaan tetap akan disalahgunakan. Jika perlakuan sekarang dijadikan contoh, pencurian duit Kerajaan juga boleh berlaku.

10. ​Kenapa tidak. Untuk terus berkuasa sogokan perlu diberi lagi. Penipuan, pencurian mesti dilakukan lagi. Dengan menyalahguna wang Kerajaan, pentadbiran akan menghadapi masalah kewangan. Akhirnya negara akan jadi bankrap. Dengan ini rakyat, termasuk mereka yang menerima sogokan akan menderita.


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on March 13, 2017

1. Saya pergi ke Forest City. Saya telah baca banyak laporan berkenaan Forest City ini. Saya juga telah membuat banyak teguran terhadap pembangunannya. Tetapi semua maklumat berkenaannya saya dapati second hand. Oleh itu saya perlu lihat sendiri Forest City ini.

2. Ia dibina di atas empat buah pulau buatan di Perairan Johor dekat dengan Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas. Luasnya luas. Jalan kelas Satu yang agak panjang telah dibina ke arah Forest City.

3. Apabila sahaja memasuki jalan dalam kawasannya, tiba-tiba landscaping yang cantik luar biasa menghiasi jalan.

4. Sepanjang jalan terdapat papan tanda yang dipasang kepada tiang lampu dengan tulisan dalam bahasa kebangsaan “Hartanah Hak Milik Kekal”.

5. Tetapi Najib telah mendakwa dengan marah bahawa tanah yang dijual kepada syarikat negara China ini hanya sebagai leasehold 99 tahun sahaja. Mungkin Najib tidak tahu. Mungkin tidak lihat papan tanda.

6. Najib berjanji selepas 99 tahun kita akan dapat tanah kita (kita orang Malaysia). Tetapi papan tanda kata lain.

7. Sebenarnya Najib boleh batal syarat “Freehold” kerana ia bertentangan dengan dasar negara yang mana semua hakmilik tanah baru mestilah leasehold – 30, 66, 90 atau 99 tahun. Ramai rakyat Malaysia yang memohon tanah kecil mereka diberi secara kekal (freehold) tetapi gagal. Tetapi nampaknya orang asing boleh dapat secara kekal.

8. Kata pepatah Melayu (yang tidak perlu kita pedulikan) “Anak di rumah kelaparan, kera di hutan disusukan”. Kesian.

9. Ya, memang cantik dan mengkagumkan pembangunan Forest City. Yang menarik sekali ialah landscaping yang sudah menang berbagai hadiah antarabangsa. Pelawat Malaysia dan luar diberi layanan istimewa. Selain dari menunjuk model plan Forest City, pelawat boleh guna kolam renang yang luas, pantai indah dihias dengan binatang anjing laut diperbuat dengan simen. Makan tengahari percuma.

10. Kebanyakan dari pelanggan datang dari negara China. Diadakan penerbangan khas dari beberapa bandar China ke Senai, Johor. Walaupun rakyat Malaysia boleh beli flat yang sedang dibina, tetapi 90% lebih dari pembeli ialah rakyat negara China.

11. Penghuni Forest City boleh tinggal secara lebih kurang kekal di Forest City. Tidak ada syarat melarang mereka dari menjadi warganegara Malaysia setelah tinggal sekian lama. Oleh kerana Forest City ini adalah dalam Malaysia, tidak ada sekatan bagi penduduknya memasuki mana-mana kawasan di Malaysia. Tetapi mereka perlu visa jika ingin ke Singapura.

12. Forest City ini pula diberi status bebas cukai. Status bebas cukai Langkawi sudah ditarik balik kerana merugikan Kerajaan. Tetapi mereka yang akan mendiami Forest City, kebanyakannya orang asing akan menikmati status bebas cukai apabila barangan import dari mana-mana termasuklah negara mereka sendiri diimport terus ke Forest City.

13. Ya. Memang hebat Forest City ini. Tetapi hari ini dilapor bahawa pengeluaran wang dari negara Cina tidak akan dibenar lagi. Apakah ini akan menghalang rakyat China dari membeli flat mewah di Forest City.

14. Saya diberitahu bahawa flat di Forest City boleh didapati percuma jika sebuah flat atau hartanah dibeli di negara China. Tidak akan ada bayaran yang perlu dibuat di Malaysia. Syarikat Forest City tidak perlu bayar apa-apa cukai di Malaysia kerana tidak mendapat apa-apa keuntungan di sini.

15. Jika duit tidak boleh dikeluar dari negara China, pembeli mungkin pinjam duit dari bank di Malaysia. Saya difahamkan bahawa seorang rakyat asing bernama Peter Sondakh membeli tanah di Malaysia dengan pinjaman 90% dari bank Malaysia. Orang Malaysia akan disoal panjang jikalau meminjam, mengeluar atau memasukkan wang RM50,000 atau lebih sebelum dilulus. Ini adalah oleh kerana Kerajaan Malaysia amat prihatin terhadap pembersihan duit yang dicuri atau didapati secara haram.

16. Forest City ini akan diduduki hampir 90% orang asing. Apakah ia akan ditadbir oleh Dewan Bandaraya J.B atau akan punyai dewan bandar sendiri. Apakah bahasa rasminya? Wallahu Wa’allam!

17. 700,000 penduduknya berhak keluar masuk ke mana-mana di Malaysia, mungkin membeli harta di lain-lain tempat, mungkin juga mengadakan bisnes.

18. Mengikut undang-undang Malaysia selepas 12 tahun mereka berhak menjadi warganegara Malaysia dengan hak mengundi. Tidak ada jaminan ini tidak akan berlaku. Bahkan dengan sokongan orang kuat masa boleh dipendekkan.

19. Sesungguhnya Malaysia amat pemurah. Siapa sahaja boleh tinggal di sini. Sejak merdeka sudah 700,000 kerakyatan telah diberi kepada orang asing. Benarlah Malaysia ini negara berbilang kaum. Dengan izin Najib ia boleh jadi lebih berbilang kaum.

Friday, March 10, 2017


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on March 09, 2017

1. Rasuah sudah jadi sebahagian dari budaya warga Malaysia. Ia bermula dengan kesedaran di kalangan ahli UMNO bahawa melalui sogokan duit seseorang boleh mendapat tempat dalam parti sehingga menjadi menteri dalam Kerajaan. Apabila mendapat tempat maka peluang menjual apa juga kuasa boleh menjadi seseorang itu kaya.

2. Maka Kerajaan pun menubuh badan-badan pencegah rasuah untuk membendung amalan yang buruk ini. Masyarakat sedar bahawa rasuah adalah jenayah yang buruk dan agama Islam melarangnya. Sedikit sebanyak badan-badan pencegah rasuah berjaya membendung amalan jenayah ini.

3. Sesungguhnya tidak ada masyarakat yang berjaya membendung rasuah seratus-peratus. Tetapi apabila pemimpin tertinggi menggalak amalan ini dan terlibat secara terbuka dengan rasuah, maka rasuah lebih menjadi-jadi apabila pengikut ambil iktibar dari amalan pemimpin.

4. Inilah yang sedang kita lihat di Malaysia. Kita bangga dengan kejayaan badan pencegah rasuah membuat penangkapan pegawai-pegawai tinggi Kerajaan yang telah kumpul berjuta-juta Ringgit melalui rasuah. Mungkin ini disebabkan pencegah rasuah lebih cekap mengesan jenayah ini. Mungkin juga kerana hari ini lebih ramai pegawai tinggi yang bersedia menerima duit rasuah kerana percaya cash is king.

5. Rasuah di peringkat bawahan dan kecilan mungkin dipandang enteng. Apalah sangat sogokan ratusan atau ribuan Ringgit kepada pengundi dalam pilihanraya. Sedikit sebanyak wang sogokan yang sedikit boleh meringan tekanan kehidupan si miskin.

6. Tetapi yang harus disedari ialah sogokan kecil-kecilan ini boleh membawa malapetaka yang amat besar.

7. Perlu diingat bahawa sogokan dibuat kerana niatnya ialah bagi menjayakan sesuatu yang tidak baik, sesuatu yang salah yang akan membawa malapetaka dan kerosakan. Mereka yang berniat baik dan menghormati institusi pilihanraya dan kebebasan rakyat tidak akan menghulur wang atau lain-lain untuk mendapat undi pengundi.

8. Dan sesungguhnya yang menghulur wang rasuah dalam pilihanraya umum berhajat untuk menyalahguna kuasa sebagai PM, Menteri dan lain-lain jawatan yang diperolehi. Kita sedang lihat bagaimana pemimpin yang kita pilih dituduh melesapkan berbillion Ringgit, mengagihkan wang Kerajaan secara salah hanya kerana ingin menjadi popular supaya menang lagi dalam pilihanraya.

9. Kita lihat kerosakan negara, kejatuhan teruk nilai Ringgit, kekurangan duit Kerajaan yang terpaksa potong budget 30%, tidak cukup duit untuk biasiswa, terpaksa perah duit rakyat miskin dan kaya melalui GST dan bermacam lagi kerana memilih pemimpin yang mengguna sogokan untuk menang. Kita lihat bagaimana duit Kerajaan (rakyat) dimasukkan dalam akaun peribadi pemimpin yang dipilih kerana sogokan.

10. Akhirnya negara Malaysia yang dahulu digelar Harimau Asia, sekarang di kategori sebagai satu dari sepuluh negara yang tahap rasuahnya tertinggi di dunia. Kewangan negara merosot sehingga terpaksa perkenal GST dan meminjam berbillion dengan menggadai negara. Dan rakyat pun menderita, mengalami kerugian yang jauh lebih besar dari wang sogokan yang diterima.

11. Inilah sebabnya yang rasuah menjadi kesalahan dan ditegah sebagai jenayah. Inilah sebabnya rasuah dikutuk dan diharamkan. Duit yang diterima adalah duit haram seperti duit yang dicuri.

12. Apabila rasuah sudah menjadi sebahagian dari budaya bangsa, pemulihan tidak mudah dilakukan. Untuk ini badan-badan pencegah rasuah mestilah bebas dan dikuasai oleh Kerajaan seperti sekarang.

13. Jika terdapat Kerajaan dan pemimpin tertingginya yang terlibat dengan rasuah, pemulihan hanya boleh dijayakan jika pemimpin perasuah ini dijatuhkan dan diganti dengan yang lain.

14. Untuk ini tolak sebarang jenis rasuah. Jangan terima duit haram hasil pencurian.


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on March 06, 2017

1. Nazri mencabar saya supaya bertanding di kawasan Padang Rengas yang ia menjadi wakil rakyat.

2. Syabas saya ucapkan. Cabaran ini menunjuk betapa beraninya Nazri.

3. Sebabnya ialah kerana Nazri tahu saya tidak berhajat untuk bertanding dalam pilihanraya akan datang. Oleh itu cabarannya ialah cabaran kosong.

4. Tetapi jika Nazri hendak sangat mencabar saya, bolehlah kita ada perbahasan terbuka berkenaan 1MDB, RM2.6 billion dalam akaun tuannya, pinjaman RM55 billion untuk keretapi pantai timur atau apa juga tajuk, termasuk BMF. Ini boleh diadakan tanpa syarat.

5. Kata Nazri Proton adalah seekor Gajah Putih. Semasa saya menjadi PM, Proton dapat kumpul tabung keuntungan sebanyak RM4 billion. Proton membina kilang baru di Tanjung Malim dengan kos RM1.8 billion tanpa pinjaman bank atau bantuan Kerajaan.

6. Di masa yang sama Proton membayar RM18 billion cukai kepada Kerajaan.

7. Kemerosotan Proton bermula apabila kereta buatan asing dibenar masuk dengan mudah, walaupun negara-negara pengeluar kereta ini menghalang kemasukan kereta Proton ke negara mereka dengan berbagai alasan.

8. Apakah kereta Proton begitu buruk? Hari ini kereta Proton buatan tahun 1985 masih boleh diguna. Ya. Ada kes tingkap tidak berfungsi. Tetapi itu cerita 10 tahun dahulu. Cermin tingkap Proton sekarang tidak bermasalah. Lain-lain kelemahan kereta Proton sudah diatasi.

9. Demikian juga dengan kereta buatan Korea dan Jepun. Dahulu tidak baik. Sekarang berkualiti. Dahulu dikatakan jika kikis cat akan ternampak label tin milo. Sekarang tidak siapa berani fitnah.

10. Kenaikan harga kereta import bukan disebabkan oleh Proton. Cukai kereta adalah suatu punca dana Kerajaan. Sebelum ada Proton pun harga kereta import memang tinggi jika diambil kira zaman kos sara hidup yang rendah.

11. Hari ini penjualan kereta Proton memang tidak laris. Sebabnya ialah kerana banyak kereta jenama asing boleh masuk dengan mudah. Pengeluar kereta asing adalah syarikat gergasi yang mengeluar berjuta buah setahun. Mereka boleh jual dengan harga yang murah sehingga rugi di Malaysia pun tidak menjadi masalah kerana mereka mendapat keuntungan yang besar dari negara mereka di mana mereka dapat lindungan Kerajaan dan mereka dapat eksport ke merata dunia. Namun kereta jenama asing sukar didapati di negara mereka kerana sekatan.

12. Kerajaan biasanya membiayai dana untuk research and development dalam industri pembuatan. Tetapi walaupun ada peruntukan dana untuk Proton, Kerajaan lambat membekal dan membekal kurang dari peruntukan budget bagi Proton. Namun Proton mengguna duit sendiri untuk develop tiga kereta baru. Ini menyebabkan masalah kewangan Proton.

13. Memang ada kelemahan-kelemahan dalam Proton, tetapi teknologinya sesuai untuk Malaysia, Australia dan Asean. Ada bantuan teknologi syarikat Eropah dalam Proton. Yang menjadi masalah ialah cashflow kerana kemasukan kereta asing memakan pasaran Proton.

14. Saya telah beli ketiga-tiga model baru Proton dan saya tidak menghadapi masalah menggunanya.

15. Saya yakin YB Menteri Nazri boleh beli kereta mewah yang diimport dan berbangga memperkecilkan kebolehan bangsa sendiri. Pada pendapat saya menjadi menteri dalam Kerajaan Najib jauh lebih mudah dari mengeluar kereta. Buat salah, menghilangkan berbillion Ringgit pun okay. TV3, Utusan dan New Straits Times akan lapor duit dapat dari raja yang sudah mangkat.

16. Gajah putih depan mata tak nampak. Semut di seberang laut ternampak uban dikepalanya. Dunia kata awak anggota geng pencuri. Awak kata awak bukan pencuri, hanya perompak sahaja.


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on March 02, 2017

1. The aide to the Prime Minister says I have run down the nation with my claim that Malaysia has become one of the 10 most corrupt countries in the world.

2. Am I the only person to say this.

3. Let us list the reports on corruption in Malaysia.

Washington Dec. 16
Malaysia in top 10 most corrupt developing country

Country Rankings (Biggest exporters of illicit capital over Decade China, Russia, Mexico, India, Malaysia)

Transparency International Malaysia today rapped Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak for not seriously tackling corruption following the 1MDB and RM2.6 billion donation affairs which drags Malaysia down four notches in the latest world Corruption Perception Index (CPI) ranking.

Speech by Jose Ugaz, Putrajaya, Malaysia
“No one can be in Malaysia and not be aware of the corruption allegations of recent months and how damaging they are to the country”

Sept 4, 2015 – The Guardian U.K.
Scandal-list Malaysia PM Najib drops speech at anti- corruption conference.
The summit was agreed to be hosted just outside Kuala Lumpur before reports emerged that $700m (£456) linked to the debt – laden fund 1 Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) had allegedly entered Najib Razak’s personal accounts.

Sept 2, 2015 – (
TITLE: Malaysia PM urged to come clean on scandal at anti- graft meeting

Malaysia Corruption Rank.
No 60 of 175 countries in 2011
No 23 in 1995
No 1 Denmark
No 175 Somalia

Mar 18, 2016 – (Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Australian National University)
1. Brazil
2. Malaysia
In 2009, Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak established a sovereign wealth fund called 1 Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) to help the country attract foreign investment and boost its economy. Long story short, by 2015, 1MDB owed investors $11 billion. As investigations of the state fund got underway, it was revealed that $681 million dollars had been deposited into Najib’s personal account. The Prime Minister copped to the money transfer, but claimed it was a gift from Saudi royal family, about $620 millions of which he says he has returned. Two weeks ago, the 1MDB investigation uncovered that the total routed into Najib’s personal account was actually about $1 billion.
Malaysia is a de facto one-party country. All the country’s six post-independence prime ministers have come from the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO). That is why Najib owes his position to his party, not to the Malaysian people – good news for a man currently polling at 23 percent, the lowest ever for a Malaysian head of Government. He has spent the last half-decade strengthening his position within UMNO, and the past year since the 1MDB scandal broke purging his party of potential adversaries. This past summer, Najib fired his attorney-general, who had been leading the 1MDB investigation. Malaysia exemplifies how corruption drives man fall short in countries with a single party and weak governing institutions.

Malaysia on Times Magazine list of corruption scandals.
Malaysia has made an appearance in the influential Time magazine again, this time with the dubious distinction of being among a list of five countries whose corruption scandals are being highlighted.

Mar 24, 2016 – Times
Malaysia Rated as 2nd Most Corrupt Country IN THE WORLD

4. These are some of the reports on corruption in Malaysia. There are scores of similar reports in the media all over the world. The US Dep. of Justice reported on money stolen from 1MDB being laundered through purchases of properties and paintings and financing film production.

5. But in Malaysia the main stream media have never reported on 1MDB scandal after The Edge was forced to stop publication following a series of reports by it.

6. The PM’s aide will not know about these reports as Najib’s supporters only read the local papers which are not allowed to publish anything exposing Najib’s misdeeds. The aide knows about what I said regarding Malaysia’s corruption probably through my blog and reports in the alternative media.

7. Yes, I am working with the opposition parties to topple Najib. Only idiots or corrupt people would still support Najib and ignore the condemnation of him for money laundering by the rest of the world.

8. Yes, I did a U-turn. Only a stupid driver would drive straight on when seeing the road ahead has been blown up and is no longer passable. To support Najib who has been accused of stealing billions of Ringgit, and a dumb corrupt UMNO would make me a traitor to my country. Hence the U-turn.

9. The aide must have eaten a lot of bran in his mouth to make his stupid statement that I was running down the nation. The whole world has run down this nation.

8. A country that was once labelled an Asian Tiger is now labelled as the second most corrupt country in the world. That is the achievement of Najib as Prime Minister of Malaysia. And that achievement is due to Ministers and other BN leaders corruptly supporting him.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on February 28, 2017

1. Those who condemn Proton cars do so because Proton cars are not of the same standard as foreign cars.

2. I suggest they test-drive the new Saga and Persona.

3. I have driven Korean cars of the 1980s, and also the new ones. There are distinct differences.

4. I found a lot of differences between the old Protons and the new Protons.

5. I think the management, engineers and workers in Proton are to be congratulated for the improvements made.

6. If you don’t agree with me, it is okay. But I own and drive the old Proton and the new ones. I think Proton has learnt something about making cars.

7. Frankly Malaysia would be a better country if we stayed as the colony of Europeans or other developed countries. They obviously know better than us about governance and the development of countries. And they will produce better cars, making us proud of our technology.

Saturday, February 25, 2017


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on February 21, 2017

1. I am sad that Proton is to be sold to foreign companies. Having a strategic partner is ok. But once Proton is sold to foreigners it will cease to be a national car. It will just be producing foreign cars in Malaysia. That is something we have been doing since the 1970s.

2. Proton may not be profitable now. But it was very profitable before. Admittedly it was because it was protected. But even after protection ceased it was profitable. All countries protect their automotive industry. It may not be through high import duties. But there are other ways of preventing imports from challenging locally made cars. These other ways are actually much more effective and can result in excluding foreign-makes completely. That is why Proton cannot be exported to these countries. We are very generous. Anybody can export their cars to this country. Sub-standard cars too can be imported.

3. I am out of Proton now. Since then I have not been allowed to even meet or speak or phone Proton staff.

4. That is alright.

5. My fear is that if we do not own Proton anymore the Malaysian automotive industry will suffer a great loss.

6. The vendors and suppliers of components will close shop. Lots of workers will lose their jobs. And Malaysia’s engineering capacity will be reduced. It will not be a developed country in 2020 or later. Malaysia will remain a third world developing country.

7. Once upon a time Malaysia was called an Asian Tiger. Today Malaysia is not even a pussycat. We have become one of the ten most corrupt countries in the world.

Syabas! Najib.


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on February 20, 2017

Budi bahasa budaya kita
Slogan mendesak di mana-mana sahaja
Jangan lupa budaya bangsa
Ulangi di mulut mencukupilah juga.

Kita diingat jangan lupa
Budaya silam warisan kita
Tetapi jika tersalah apa-apa
Rentap kursi balik tidak mengapa.

Budi bahasa budaya Melayu
Sering bertukar mengikut masa
Jika tersilap jangan malu
Budi bahasa perkara lama.

Kesipuan jangan dibiar berlaku
Tiada kursi alasan mencukupi
Kurang santapan diganti muruku
Bangsa tersungkur takdir disalahi.

Budi bahasa slogan negara
Bersopan santun pakaian disedia
Selempang kanan jangan dikirikan
Jangan guna tangan kiri waktu makan.

Budaya bangsa budi dikenang
Itulah adat Melayu lama
Setelah naik tangga ditendang
Kalau nak turun terjun sahaja.

Wahai bangsaku berbudaya barukah kamu
Atau berbangsa lainkah kamu
Hilang adat hilang malu
Duit disembah raja baharu.

Lanun sudah menjadi raja
Bukan jenayah bila mencuri
Bintang di langit dipasang di dada
Rakyat menyembah duit yang diberi.

Batu putih bertuan baru
LKY menjadi Raja
Bila terkenang zaman dahulu
duduk mengalir air mata.

Menangislah kamu wahai Melayu
Negara dijual kerana duit itu raja
Sembahlah kamu raja baharu
Itulah peranan hamba raja.

Tangisan tidak membawa ke mana-mana
Setelah negara dimiliki orang
Junjunglah penjual negara yang kaya
Mungkin sekupang dua tercicir di belakang.

Kutiplah kamu dedak dan serdak
Itu sahaja yang tertinggal bagi mu
Tertutup mata, mulut dan pekak,
Tersumbat hidung, matilah kamu.

Menangis meratap penjunjung jenazah
Kenapakah dedak disumbat hidung
Baunya sedap menolak payah
Akhirnya maut diangkat perusung.

Wahai bangsaku bijak bestari
Tak fahamkah kamu kesannya tenggelam
Tidak bernyawa bermakna mati
Berakhirlah sudah cerita silam.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on February 14, 2017

1. Suddenly UMNO Youth want the BMF scandal of 40 years ago to be subjected to enquiry by a Royal Commission.

2. Most of these UMNO Youths were not born yet or were tiny tots when the BMF scandal made headlines. Obviously some slightly older people have been putting ideas into their heads. They could not know much about BMF. Essentially their resurrection of the BMF scandal is intended to divert attention from the current serious scandal regarding 1MDB and Najib’s 2.6 billion Ringgit in his account.

3. There is no comparison between BMF and my handling of the affair with Najib and his abuse of authority and losses of billions of Ringgit of 1MDB money. Certainly at no time did I have billions of Ringgits in my private account. The losses in the BMF case were due to imprudent management of loans of the BMF. The culprits had been identified and legal action taken by the relevant authorities.

4. The BMF affair started before my time and I ensured that an enquiry be carried out by an investigative body headed by Tan Sri Ahmad Nordin, the Auditor-General at that time.

5. His report was published and available to the public. It was not made into an official secret to hide what it says about me. I am sure the report can be accessed by anyone, including UMNO Youth even now.

6. Then there was a White Paper presented to and debated by Parliament. No one suggested that I should be charged for any crime involving the BMF.

7. Everything about the BMF was out in the open so that the opposition could scrutinise and make allegations against me should there be a case against me. The proceedings are in the Hansard and anyone can have access to it. They are not under the OSA, unlike the reports on the investigation into the 1MDB and Najib.

8. Under him 1MDB borrowed billions of Ringgits at high interest rates and commission. He bought power plants whose license were about to expire at well above market price. Later he sold these power plants to foreign companies at huge losses.

9. The reports on 1MDB by Bank Negara and MACC were dismissed by a newly appointed A.G., who then declared they were official secrets.

10. It is the same with the report by the Auditor-General. It is also declared to be official secret.

11. Putting evidence under the OSA results in the evidence being hidden. Even quoting from it by people who have read it would breach the OSA. Yet the law also says that hiding evidence is a crime. The courts should be asked to determine whether hiding evidence is a lesser crime than quoting from evidence that has been criminally hidden.

12. I will accept a Royal Commission to investigate anything that I did during my term of office.

13. But Najib and the UMNO Youths must also agree on a Royal Commission to investigate the setting up, borrowing and losses suffered by 1MDB. All evidence, including the aforesaid reports must be made available to the Commission.

14. If UMNO Youths cannot agree to an Independent Royal Commission on 1MDB, I will have to assume that Najib is guilty as charged.

15. Justice should not only be done but should be seen clearly to have been done.


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on February 12, 2017

1. Saya amat gembira dengan report polis terhadap saya kerana kononnya membuat kenyataan yang tidak berasas berkenaan Forest City di Gelang Patah yang menelan belanja berbillion Ringgit.

2. Walaupun bodoh tetapi laporan polis yang dibuat berjaya menarik perhatian kumpulan yang pekak, buta dan tuli (PBT). Saya akan membuat penjelasan yang lebih panjang dan mempamerkan fakta-fakta berkenaan projek ini apabila saya dihadapkan ke mahkamah.

3. Yang saya hairan ialah kenapa orang PBT ini tidak report kepada polis akan laporan dalam beberapa akhbar oleh Bloomberg, sebuah agensi berita berkenaan ekonomi.

4. Besar kemungkinan puak PBT ini tidak baca, atau kalau baca sekalipun tidak faham. Yang dilapor oleh Bloomberg lebih dari yang saya sebutkan dalam ucapan saya.

5. Sekarang selepas saya jelaskan asas dakwaan saya, buatlah laporan polis terhadap Bloomberg. Tetapi saya yakin mereka tidak berani. Tujuan laporan mereka terhadap saya bukan diasaskan kepada kenyataan saya itu tidak betul. Laporan dibuat untuk menghentikan saya dari bercakap benar. Dalam Malaysia sekarang ini kebenaran amat ditakuti. Pembohongan disanjung tinggi.

6. Saya syorkan NGO-NGO ini membuat lawatan ke Forest City untuk melihat dengan mata kepala sendiri keadaan di Bandaraya berkenaan. Cuba sahkan penduduk dan pembeli bangunan-bangunan di sini terdiri dari orang tempatan, terutama orang Melayu.

7. Sahkan juga bahawa tanah ini disewa dan bukan dimiliki kekal seperti yang tertulis di papan tanda yang didirikan dan siaran kepada bakal pembeli dari Cina.

8. Dahulu, di waktu kita kurang bijak, Singapura telah dijual ke British. Sekarang ini Singapura menjadi negara asing yang tidak mungkin dikembalikan kepada Johor.

9. Penjualan tanah untuk dibangun dan diduduki oleh orang asing selama-lamanya tidak banyak berlainan dengan penjualan Singapura.

10. Malangnya PBT tak mungkin faham implikasi penjualan tanah Johor ini. Jauh sekali dari menyamakannya dengan Singapura.

11. Nasib baik lebih ramai rakyat Johor yang boleh faham tentang masalah penduduk asing yang akan berada di Johor selama-lamanya. Tidak ada mana-mana negara di dunia yang sanggup menerima kemasukan ramai orang asing ke negara mereka.

12. Amerika dengan penduduk seramai 325 juta pun menolak kemasukan orang Mexico dan oleh Trump, orang Islam.

13. Di Palestin, pembinaan bandar-bandar untuk orang Yahudi di tanah milik orang Palestin ditentang oleh mereka. Di Eropah kemasukan pelarian dari Syria dan lain-lain negara Arab dan Afrika dihalang oleh mereka.

14. Jika majoriti rakyat Johor menolak Forest City dengan kemasukan orang asing, pendirian mereka tidak sedikitpun berbeza dari pendirian bangsa-bangsa lain terhadap kemasukan beramai-ramai orang asing untuk tinggal di negara mereka.

15. Sesungguhnya NGO-NGO ini mengkhianati bangsa dan negara kerana menyokong penjualan wilayah di Malaysia kepada orang asing yang akan mendiri bandar-bandar mewah diduduki dan dimiliki selama-lamanya oleh mereka.

Sunday, February 12, 2017


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on February 10, 2017

1. Apabila Muhyiddin mengaku bahawa UMNO dan BN telah membangun dan memaju negara Malaysia, maka pembodek Najib pun gembira dengan pengakuan ini.

2. Bahawa kenyataan ini adalah berkenaan UMNO dan BN dahulu yang memerdeka dan membangun Malaysia, tidak segan-segan diterima sebagai kepujian kepada UMNO dan BN sekarang.

3. Malaysia dahulu dikenali sebagai Asian Tiger. Tetapi sekarang Malaysia dikenali seluruh dunia sebagai negara rasuah yang tertinggi. Juga ia didakwa diperintah oleh seorang kleptokrat, iaitu pemerintahan penyamun dan penyangak yang mencuri duit rakyat.

4. Pentadbiran dan pembangunan Malaysia sekarang ini dipandang jijik dan tidak lagi sebagai contoh kepada negara lain.

5. Perdana Menterinya sekarang takut hadir di PBB kerana akan disoal tentang jenayah yang dilakukan olehnya.

6. Dalam negara pula Najib dan penyokongnya dalam UMNO dianggap sebagai pengkhianat kepada bangsa Melayu dan Malaysia dan negara. Duit Kerajaan habis diguna untuk pembelian sokongan dibawah slogan Cash is King.

7. Sesungguhnya nama baik UMNO dan BN sudah dicemar sehingga beralih kepada nama yang dibenci oleh rakyat dan dipandang hina oleh dunia.

8. UMNO dan BN yang disebut oleh Muhyiddin bukan UMNO pimpinan Najib dan konco-konconya sekarang. Umno ini dikenali sebagai kleptokrasi pimpinan penyangak dan pencuri yang memberi nama yang amat buruk kepada Malaysia diseluruh dunia.

9. UMNO Najib ini adalah pengkhianat kepada bangsa Melayu terutamanya dan kepada Negara amnya. Penyokong-penyokong Najib, samada dibeli atau tidak oleh Najib, tidak kurang dari mengkhianati bangsa dan negara.

10. Diperingkat akar umbi dan juga segelintir pemimpin sudah ramai yang meninggal UMNO. Tetapi masih ramai pengkhianat yang tinggal dalam UMNO.

Saturday, January 28, 2017


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on January 26, 2017

1. My attention has been drawn to a recent report pertaining to a CIA document, stated to have been recently declassified by the US Intelligence, on the 1980s BMF issue.

2. I have also just sight of that CIA document titled “DIRECTORATE OF INTELLIGENCE” dated 5.3.1985. Certain members of the press have asked me for my comments.

3. Let me point out that, that CIA report was not a specific report or finding by the US on the BMF issue. Rather, it was a normal information paper for the US government then,

4. However, since I have been asked, the following are my comments.

5. Firstly, the CIA report itself acknowledged that the Prime Minister then was not in any way, personally or directly linked to that Bumiputra Malaysia Finance (BMF) issue. This can be found at page 4 of that report under the sub-heading “Assessing the Political Damage”, which states:

“Thus far no direct links have been established between Mahathir and the corruption at BMF…”

6. Secondly, that CIA report pointed out that as early as July 1983, I had announced my views that the BMF’s handling of its financial lending was imprudent, and that I had also pledged action to be taken upon investigations. This was in spite of the fact that the BMF issue related to the affairs of a bank, and not the government per se. That portion of the acknowledgment can be found at page 7 of that CIA report titled “APPENDIX”, in which para 5 states:

“July 1983: Mahathir breaks his silence and admits BMF’s heavy lending to a handful of Hong Kong property concerns was imprudent and pledges action if investigations disclose management malpractices.”.

7. Thirdly, the same report also pointed out that a committee of inquiry (Special Investigation Committee) was set up to look into the BMF issue. Records show that Special Investigation Committee, headed by Tan Sri Ahmad Nordin (Auditor General) had forwarded the necessary recommendations for further action. There was no cover up of that report. It was made public. It was certainly not put under OSA. The release of that Report to public, is also acknowledged by that CIA report at page 2 in para 4.

8. In fact, that Report had prompted the police to carry out the necessary investigation into the recommendations of that Special Investigation Committee. There certainly was no cover up in any way. Whether the necessary authorities brought any party to the Courts is for them to answer. The government carried out its duty as properly as it was required to do in the circumstances then.

9. Having pointed out the real contents of the CIA report, I would like to point out the clear distinction between the BMF issue then, and the 1MDB issue now, so that it is clear I did not have a 1MDB – like scandal when I was PM.

a. The BMF issue unlike the 1MDB issue, did not involve allegation of direct impropriety by the government in power. In contrast, the 1MDB issue is directly linked to impropriety by the present government.

b. The BMF issue was not directly linked to me as the Prime Minister then. Whereas, the 1MDB issue is directly linked to Najib Razak, the Prime Minister now. He is in fact at the center of the scandal.

c. On the BMF issue, that CIA report was by a US Agency, and was not a specific report or finding by the US on the BMF issue. In contrast, on the 1MDB issue, the Department of Justice (DoJ), a US Agency have released the necessary report as contained in the cause papers filed in a court of law in California, with specific findings linking the 1MDB issue to MO1 (admitted by a Minister to be referring to Najib Razak).

d. In the BMF issue, a Special Investigation Committee was set up and its Report was made public. In contrast, on the 1MDB issue, Najib’s government is yet to set up any proper independent investigation committee, free of its control. Even the existing Auditor General’s Report on 1MDB has not been made public and has been put under OSA.

e. The BMF issue resulted in various actions taken both in Hong Kong and Malaysia, against various individuals involved in the BMF issue. In contrast, in this 1MDB issue, the necessary authorities such as the police and the Bank Negara are yet to conclude their investigations despite international counterparts in the US, Switzerland and Singapore having done so to the extend of charging individuals in court. But, the SPRM investigation papers have been dismissed by the new Attorney General who himself was appointed in place of the previous Attorney General who was removed, allegedly for health reasons but without a report by a Medical Board. The report by a Special Task Force set up by the previous Attorney General on the 1MDB issue was also dismissed by the new Attorney General and put under OSA.

f. The outcome of the BMF issue was generally received well by the society including the Opposition and other political groups (see The New York Times, January 8, 1985 titled “MALAYSIA DISCLOSES DETAILS OF BANK SCANDAL”). On the 1MDB issue, the Attorney General actually stopped further investigations, which he is not empowered to do. The opposition parties are not satisfied with the outcome of the scandal involving 1MDB.