Thursday, February 28, 2013


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on February 27, 2013

1. Among the comments in my blog is a reference to Malaysia’s ban against the visit of the Australian Senator Xenophon.

2. I agree with this comment that despite my nasty comments on the US and Britain, I was never banned from visiting those countries. However, I would like to relate an incident in which a friend of mine, now deceased, who was handcuffed and taken away in a truck full of common criminals and even his request to have his diabetic injection was rejected. The reason for this treatment was because the immigration officers at the airport in New York did not like his answers to their questions. He was subsequently released.

3. It is well-known that hundreds of people have been arrested and detained without trial in the US and a few were subsequently released without explanation. At the detention place there are reports of torture and humiliation of the detainees.

4. People are also detained in the UK accused of planning acts of terrorism. This is preventive detention without trial.

5. There have been many allegations of US agents assassinating leaders. Currently the debate is about US drones rocketing or bombing countries not at war with the US, killing according to a US senator, as many as 4700 people, some of whom are described as innocent.

6. I must admit that on the two occasions I visited the US after I retired, I have nothing to complain. But as a Muslim I worry because one of my friends was thoroughly searched as he was thought to be a Muslim. He was not.

7. Incidentally President Mugabe of Zimbabwe and President Bashir of Sudan would be arrested if they were to visit the US.

8. What happened to YB Xenophon of Australia is nothing.

Monday, February 25, 2013


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on February 25, 2013

1. Anwar Ibrahim menuduh saya, sebagai penasihat Petronas telah terlibat dalam pemberian kontrak Petronas kepada anak saya.

2. Bagi Anwar inilah yang biasa dilakukan olehnya jika ia berkuasa. Semasa menjadi Timbalan Perdana Menteri dan Menteri Kewangan memang pun banyak kontrak diberi olehnya kepada penyokong politiknya dan keluarganya.

3. Kementerian telah pamerkan semasa mesyuarat agong UMNO senarai orang yang mendapat kontrak semasa ia berkuasa. Terdapat dalam senarai nama-nama penyokongnya dan keluarganya. Tidak ada satupun dari anak saya yang tersenarai.

4. Semasa saya menjadi Perdana Menteri dan Menteri Kewangan tidak ada satu pun daripada anak saya yang mendapat tempat dalam Kerajaan atau dalam parti. Beberapa kali nama mereka di calon tapi saya tidak benar sehingga saya bersara. Juga tidak ada kontrak Kerajaan yang terdapat oleh mereka.

5. Jika mereka berjaya samada dalam perniagaan atau politik, ini adalah atas usaha mereka sendiri. Dan ini semua berlaku selepas saya letak jawatan Perdana Menteri.

6. Petronas tidak memberi peluang kepada anak saya sahaja apabila saya menjadi penasihatnya. Orang lain juga mendapat peluang jika mereka ada kemampuan.

7. Sebenarnya tidak ada kontrak yang diberi Petronas kepada anak saya sehinggalah perusahaannya maju kerana kerja-kerja yang diberi oleh pihak lain.

8. Walaupun saya digelar sebagai penasihat Petronas, saya tidak memberi apa-apa nasihat. Petronas diletak di bawah Perdana Menteri dan P.M.lah yang memberi arahan kepada Petronas. Semasa saya jadi Perdana Menteri pun saya tidak memberi apa-apa bantuan kepada anak-anak saya.

9. Berkenaan dengan kontrak yang baru yang diberi kepada anak saya, Presiden Petronas cuma memberitahu saya selepas kontrak diberi. Saya tidak sama sekali terlibat dengan keputusan yang dibuat. Saya sanggup bersumpah di dalam masjid dengan menjunjung Quran bahawa saya tidak ambil bahagian sama sekali dengan pemberian kontrak kepada anak saya.

10. Sebaliknya Anwar, apabila menubuh partinya melantik isterinya sebagai Presiden. Kemudian dia juga yang pilih isterinya sebagai calon di Permatang Pauh. Kemudian dia sendiri yang menyuruh isterinya lepas kawasan untuk ditandingi olehnya.

11. Tidak ada bukti adanya pertandingan untuk jawatan penasihat parti yang disandang olehnya. Dia juga yang memilih anaknya untuk menjadi calon dalam pilihanraya. Sekarang isterinya jadi presiden parti dan anaknya jadi naib presiden parti. Kawannya juga jadi timbalan.

12. Parti Keadilan adalah milik Anwar Ibrahim.

13. Jika ia jadi Perdana Menteri sudah tentu Kabinet akan diisi dengan keluarga dan kawannya sebagai Menteri. Mudahlah nak buat apa pun.

14. Anak saya Mirzan juga dijadikan sasaran fitnah Anwar. Benar dahulu dia menjadi pengarah San Miguel. Tetapi San Miguel Filipina bukan syarikat bir sahaja tetapi semakin banyak terlibat dalam industri makanan dan petroliam.

15. Setelah fitnah dilempar kepadanya, anak saya letak jawatan. Sekarang dia hanya menjadi pengarah dalam syarikat minyak Petron. Dahulu syarikat ini dikenali sebagai Exxon Mobil dan telah menjadi pembekal minyak ke pesawat terbang di KLIA.

16. Apabila Exxon Mobil diambil alih oleh San Miguel, ia diletak dibawah Petron. Anak saya dilantik sebagai pengarah Petron. Kontrak membekal minyak Exxon Mobil di KLIA diwarisi oleh Petron.

17. Jika anak dan isteri Anwar boleh menjadi politikus, apakah anak saya tak boleh berniaga sendiri tanpa difitnah oleh Anwar? Dah tak ada modal politik dah ke?

18. Kenapa begitu takut bersumpah jika jenayah liwat tidak dilakukan. Berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah – demikian pepatah Melayu.

Friday, February 22, 2013


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on February 22, 2013

1. We have now abolished the ISA on the grounds that it is not right to detain a person without trial. This is an injustice and a violation of human rights.

2. The opposition is particularly strong on this issue. They are very concerned that we respect human rights and principles of justice. They believe that we should accept the liberal views of the great western civilisations particularly the United States of America.

3. In war of course you can kill anyone you designate as the enemy. The war against terrorism which many countries led by the US is fighting is not a war against any country. It is a war against terrorists.

4. But who are the terrorists. Generally in the eyes of the US they are the Muslims, but specifically the Al Qaeda, led initially by Osama bin Laden. Who determined who is a member of the Al Qaeda? Not Al Qaeda but the CIA and the US Government.

5. If the US says a person is an Al Qaeda terrorist then no one should dispute this identification. The US Government categorisation cannot be questioned in a court of law.

6. Once the US classifies the person to be a terrorist, then he is the enemy and he can be considered as an imminent threat to the US. He is considered as planning to kill Americans. As an imminent threat it is justified to kill him.

7. According to the US the person need not be told of his classification as a terrorist. He need not be charged in a court of law. He can be taken out i.e. executed by the agents of the US.

8. And so today, even as the US condemns detention without trial, it executes just about anyone without trial. It considers executing individuals who do not even know they are classified as terrorist or that they constitute imminent threats to the US as right and proper. The US Government need not explain why the person is a terrorist and what kind of imminent threat he poses the US.

9. In 2011 an American citizen of Yemeni origin was killed with weapons mounted on a drone flying in Yemeni airspace. Many other US citizens have been similarly assassinated using drones. Of course there are any number of foreign citizens who have been assassinated in foreign countries without trial.

10. The Governments of these countries may or may not be informed. Their permission is not needed. They may be deemed unable or unwilling to kill the designated terrorists. Then the US has the right to violate their air space, their sovereignty and send their drones or unmanned aerial vehicles to kill the person concerned. In the process other people, innocent people, will also be killed. That’s too bad. They are collaterals.

11. I wonder what Malaysians who object to detention without trial think of execution without trial. So far, they have not commented on this issue.

12. Maybe they think killing without trial is not as bad as detention without trial. Maybe this is what they would do if they govern this country.

13. I wonder.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on February 17, 2013

1. In the days of the print and electronic media Governments were able to exercise some control through licensing and laws. Liberal people condemn these controls because they deny freedom of the press. Freedom of the press is one of the fundamentals of democracy.

2. Then came the alternative media via the Internet. Governments not only find themselves almost incapable of controlling but the belief now rejects any attempt at control by the authorities. Actually there was always control by the owners, editors and even sub-editors.

3. In the alternative media just about anyone can put anything they like to say on the internet directly, with no managers, editors or sub-editors changing any of the contents. The freedom is almost total. This is the essence of democracy?

4. The first people to exercise this freedom are the purveyors of pornography. They promote their dirty pictures and blue films in the most explicit way. There is no censorship. And so children and young people now have access to this filth.

5. The effect is to undermine their moral completely. There can be no doubt that the increase in sex crimes such as rapes, child abuse, extramarital sex among young people, pregnancies, and illegal abortions, getting rid of unwanted babies by dumping them in rubbish heaps are partly due to access to pornography.

6. An unmarried couple put on the you-tube video clips of them having sex. They feel so proud of their shameful act. The Internet is also used to threaten ex-girlfriends with nude pictures of them.

7. Abusive language and racist remarks have also caused increased tension within society. Allegations of all kinds are made without any bases.

8. Now we are seeing doctored video clips being put on You Tube. A short video clip recently showed the PM asking the audience in Penang whether they were ready for the BN. They were loud cries of “No” from the crowd.

9. Now it has been found that this was engineered by bringing a group into the crowd, equipping them with video camera and microphones. When the PM asked “are you ready for BN” this group shouted “No” in response. It seem that the whole audience shouted “No”. Actually only the special group shouted “No” into their microphones. The “Yes from the big crowd was not recorded and not included in the video on You Tube.

10. Immediately this particular recording was put on You Tube and it went viral even though the video recording by others showing the crowd raising their hands and saying “Yes” was later put on You Tube, many do not bother to see it. They continue to believe in the fake video clips.

11. This is the direct result of the freedom offered by the alternative media. Lies can be made to seem to be the truth.

12. But the truth can also be made to look like lies. After an opposition leader was shown with a girl obviously having some kind of sexual relations, it was made to be a lie by showing how a video clip can be doctored.

13. A picture of President Obama is shown speaking at some kind of press conference. After finishing he was shown to walk off and he kicked violently at the door to open it.

14. Then a picture is shown of Obama speaking and then he walked off the stage through a door, which opened, without his kicking it. This was what really happened.

15. The purpose is to show how video clips can be altered. Therefore the opposition leader can claim that the pictures of him with the girl was actually not what happened, that it was doctored.

16. Thus truth can be made to look like a lie.

17. The new software available can alter movies and still pictures in any way one wants to. In the movie the “Life of Pi” there were numerous scenes of a fierce tiger on a small boat in the ocean with Pi.

18. Pi was real but the tiger was created through the magic of computer animation. It looks very real, growling and roaring and threatening the man. If one is not told one must be amazed at the scenes shown on the movies. Of course the picture “Avatar” is all computer animation, as are all the cartoons and the human/animal or human/caricature interactions.

19. While the alternative media gives everyone freedom to publicise whatever, the hackers and others can also block out the entrees of whomever they chose to. So far I have to change five sites for my blogs as somehow or other they were tampered with. People could not access my blog and effectively I was silenced. I lost the freedom of the media even more than when Government could deprive me of my freedom.

20. Frankly I would rather have the Government censoring me. The Government of this country is elected. If I don’t like what the Government is doing I can work for the rejection of the party which forms the Government. But there is nothing I can do to stop people who may wish to deprive me of my freedom through the alternative media.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on February 13, 2013

1. Nik Aziz dilapor telah menjelaskan kenapa PAS tidak boleh bersama UMNO dalam usaha untuk menyatupadu orang Melayu. Katanya PAS telah ditipu oleh UMNO semasa PAS berada dalam Barisan Nasional. Bagaimana UMNO menipu PAS tidak dijelaskan dengan terang.

2. Saya berada sebagai menteri dalam kabinet Tun Hussein di waktu mana PAS keluar dari Barisan Nasional. Saya juga ada dalam kabinet Tun Razak bersama Dato Asri Muda dan Hassan Adli semasa PAS menyertai Barisan Nasional.

3. Dato Asri diberi jawatan Menteri Tanah dan Galian. Ini bermakna dia bertanggung jawab terhadap FELDA.

4. Setelah beberapa bulan PAS berada dalam Barisan Nasional ahli-ahli UMNO Johor membuat komplen kepada Tun Razak dalam majlis makan malam dikediaman Tun sempena mesyuarat agong UMNO bahawa Dato Asri giat mempromosikan PAS di kalangan peserta FELDA. Saya berada di sisi Tun pada ketika itu.

5. Secara kebetulan hampir semua peserta FELDA terdiri daripada penyokong kuat UMNO. Selepas Dato Asri bertanggungjawab keatas FELDA, hampir semua peserta FELDA menjadi penyokong kuat PAS dan menolak UMNO.

6. Ahli-ahli UMNO di seluruh negara berpendapat bahawa penyertaan PAS dalam Barisan Nasional tidak menolong Barisan Nasional. Ia hanya untuk memberi peluang kepada PAS mengembangkan pengaruh di kalangan ahli UMNO dan orang Melayu.

7. Di waktu itu timbul sengketa antara Dato Asri sebagai ketua PAS dengan Dato Mohd Nasir yang sebagai Menteri Besar untuk ganti Dato Asri. Dato Mohd Nasir mendakwa dia telah kesan banyak penyelewengan yang dilakukan oleh Dato Asri semasa dia menjadi Menteri Besar Kelantan.

8. Dato Asri cuba menyingkir Dato Mohd Nasir melalui undi tidak percaya. Walaupun kalah Dato Mohd Nasir enggan meletak jawatan.

9. Ramai ahli PAS memihak kepada Dato Mohd Nasir. Mereka mengadakan tunjuk perasaan secara besar-besaran menentang Dato Asri.

10. Kerana PAS berpecah Kerajaan Barisan Nasional Kelantan tidak dapat berfungsi. Darurat terpaksa diisytihar dan seorang pegawai kanan dilantik untuk memangku jawatan Ketua Pentadbir Kelantan.

11.  Pada Mac 1978, pilihanraya peringkat negeri diadakan di Kelantan. Dato Mohd Nasir menubuh parti Berjasa yang bertanding melawan PAS. Sokongan kepada Berjasa begitu kuat sehingga ia memenangi 11 kerusi. PAS memenangi hanya 2 kerusi.

12. Perpecahan dalam PAS bukan kerana UMNO tetapi kerana Dato Mohd Nasir mencabar kepimpinan Dato Asri. Kekalahan PAS menyebabkan PAS keluar dari Barisan Nasional. Tidak ada penipuan oleh UMNO.

13. Walau apapun yang terjadi dahulu, jika seruan dibuat supaya berdamai orang Islam disuruh oleh agama Islam supaya menyambut seruan kedamaian dari musuh. Orang Islam disuruh bersatupadu, menganggap semua orang Islam sebagai saudara. Penolakan perpaduan sesama orang Islam tidak menepati ajaran Islam. Janganlah orang Islam menolak usaha menyatupadu untuk memperkuatkan orang Islam dengan membuat tuduhan yang tidak berasas.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on February 10, 2013

I would like to wish all Malaysians, especially readers of Chedet a Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai

1. I drove to KLIA and I could not help noticing how well the trees have grown. Tan Sri Bashir promised that Sepang would have a forest in the airport and be an airport in the forest.

2. I remember during weekends I would drive to see construction work on the airport. The contractors had cut down all the trees and bushes leaving some 4000 acres of bare land. It looked ugly and I just could not imagine the trees growing back.

3. But Bashir promised he would turn the bare land into a forest and he would have trees growing inside the airport itself. He would also plant oil palms so as to give the airport extra income.

4. But when I drove to the airport to welcome back Dato Sri Najib from Gaza recently I saw tall trees and clumps of bushes and undergrowth all along the road to the terminal building. And in the airport buildings there are a lot of tall trees grown in the spaces between the different buildings of the terminal.

5. Bashir has kept his promise. Unfortunately he died before the forests he had promised became a reality.

6. I write this in my blog because I feel a need to express my appreciation of Tan Sri Bashir Ismail even though posthumously. He was one of the best servants of the country. He should be remembered for the many things he did for Malaysia, including of course the F1 circuit and the races he brought to Malaysia.

7. The younger generation should study his career and perhaps emulate him. Someone should write his biography. He is to me a great man and a great friend. We need more people like him.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on February 06, 2013

1. In Australia it is reported that Anwar promised to engineer an Arab Spring in Malaysia.

2. He will duplicate Cairo’s Tahrir Square in Kuala Lumpur and he will organise demonstrations involving hundreds of thousands of people in order to bring down the Government if he loses the election.

3. He claims that the election victories of the BN in the past were due to cheating, and to dirty tactics. That is why he organised the “Bersih” demonstrations with a quarter of a million people. Bersih means Clean. The people he claims want to ensure Clean Elections. If they don’t get a clean election this time they will force a new election to be held through massive daily demonstration on a scale never seen in Malaysia before. The election would be deemed dirty if Anwar’s Pakatan loses.

4. When Anwar was dismissed from his post as Deputy Prime Minister and then expelled from UMNO, he organised demonstrations every Saturday. Business in Kuala Lumpur came to a standstill as people avoided going into the city the whole of Saturday.

5. If he organises huge demos everyday in Kuala Lumpur the disruption will not only affect businesses but it will deter investors and tourists from coming to Malaysia.

6. Bersih organisers have shown that they are capable of holding simultaneous demos not only in Malaysian towns but in foreign countries as well.

7. Malaysia has developed well because of its stability and peaceful environment. Anwar knows the damage he can cause Malaysia’s economy with his massive demonstrations. Malaysians may be persuaded to vote for his party in order to avoid suffering economically from the demonstrations.

8. It would be a sad day indeed for Malaysia if this kind of threats are made to win elections.

9. Malaysia’s elections have been generally clean. This is evidenced by the fact that in every election the opposition won not only in many constituencies but had actually captured many states. In the 2008 Elections the Opposition actually won in five states one Federal Territory and prevented the BN from getting a two-thirds majority in Parliament.

10. In several instances the BN lost by less than 200 votes. Surely if the BN cheated it could have easily changed the results. But there has never been real evidence of the BN doing so.

11.  The claim that the elections in Malaysia are not clean and the holding of Bersih demonstrations are obviously preparation for accusing the BN Government of dirty election should the opposition lose. Demonstrations to condemn the elected Government would then be justified. And with the kind of demonstrations seen in Arab countries the Opposition may be able to force a new election. Even if the BN Government refuses to hold new elections, the opposition can expect condemnation of the BN throughout the world.

12. Anwar’s warning of Arab Spring type of demonstrations in Malaysia must be taken seriously because he has in the past shown himself a master of this form of agitation.

13. What is more dangerous is the disregard for police authority. Real attacks had been mounted against the police, just as we now see in Cairo.

14. The police are now quite helpless. Not only have the ISA and the Public Order and Crime Prevention Ordinance (also known as the Emergency Ordinance) been abolished but police have been told not to use force against the demonstrators. This will be difficult as the demonstrators are capable of attacking and using force against the police. We saw this happen in previous demos.

15. Laws are no good unless enforced. When the police are not allowed to enforce laws, then a lawless society would be the result. The public will lose police protection and the consequences would be loss of security for the people. They may have to arm themselves or organise vigilantes. This will not be good for them or for the country. I speak from experience. During the period between the Japanese surrender and the return of the British, I joined a vigilante group. Fortunately nothing serious happened. I remember being afraid of having to act against law-breakers. I was quite useless.

16. From his utterances it is quite obvious that Anwar would like to have an Arab Spring here in Malaysia. I am not an alarmist but I know Anwar’s capacity for disruptions. The moment I became Minister of Education 1974, he organised a student’s demonstration claiming that starvation had caused the death of a boy in Baling.

17. After he joined the Government there was no serious demonstration for 16 years. Once he was out of the Government there were weekly demonstrations.

18. His obsession with becoming Prime Minister will drive him to create an “Arab Spring” so that his ambition would become a reality. To him, it does not matter if the country is destabilised and regresses economically as long as he gets to be Prime Minister.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on February 04, 2013

This is a translation of the original article that appeared in this Blog on Jan 31st.

1. Malaysia adalah sebuah negara berbilang agama dan rakyat boleh mengamalkan agama masing-masing walaupun Islam agama resmi. Secara keseluruhan penduduk yang berlainan agama hidup bersama dengan aman. Kita tidak melihat keganasan antara pengikut yang berlainan agama seperti yang terjadi di Ireland Utara, Lebanon dan benua kecil India.

2. Rakyat Malaysia menghormati agama yang berlainan dan hak mengamal upacara keagamaan masing-masing oleh pengikutnya. Kita mengelak membuat komen mengenai agama orang lain walaupun kita berdebat hebat sesama kita yang menganut agama yang sama.

3. Malangnya sekarang ini kita sedang menghadapi kontroversi berkaitan penggunaan nama Tuhan, “Allah”. Beberapa tahun yang lalu, kontroversi ini diselesaikan apabila diterima bahawa penganut Kristian di Sabah dan Sarawak boleh terus mengguna kalimah Allah di dalam Kitab Injil dan pengajaran mereka tetapi ini tidak boleh dilakukan di negeri-negeri lain dalam Negara.

4. Malangnya, beberapa ahli politik yang mahu sokongan dari penganut Kristian di Malaysia, mendesak supaya Kitab Injil berbahasa Melayu dibenar mengguna kalimah Allah di seluruh Negara. Seperti yang dijangka, kontroversi ini muncul kembali.

5. Penganut Kristian dan orang Yahudi amat sedar di dalam Kitab Injil, Kitab Lama (Old Testament) dan Kitab Baru (New Testament), Kitab Injil versi King James dan lain-lain versi, kalimah “Allah” tidak pernah diguna sebagai nama Tuhan. Hanya selepas datangnya Islam dan Al Quran barulah dunia mengenali kalimah “Allah” sebagai nama Tuhan.

6. Di dalam usaha mengembang agama Kristian ke dunia yang berbahasa Melayu, paderi-paderi Kristian mengguna kalimah “Allah” dan hanya mereka mengetahui tujuannya. Namun, kalimah “Allah” mengganti nama Tuhan mereka bukan dari sumber-sumber Yahudi atau Kristian.

7. Dikalangan penganut Kristian di Malaysia, kecuali pribumi Sabah dan Sarawak, kalimah “Allah” mengganti perkataan Tuhan tidak pernah diguna. Di dalam banyak keadaan, perkara ini tidak berbangkit kerana khutbah mereka bukan di dalam bahasa Melayu. Jika pun di dalam bahasa Melayu, kalimah “Allah” sepanjang pengetahuan saya, tidak pernah diguna.

8. Konfrontasi agama membawa akibat yang amat mendalam. Ia boleh membawa kepada keganasan malahan pembunuhan. Negara yang aman ini tidak akan aman jika berlaku keganasan agama.

9. Amat malang Ibrahim Ali mencadang pembakaran Kitab Injil (berbahasa Melayu) yang baru dicetak. Ini mungkin cara menghapus penerbitan yang tidak dikehendaki. Tetapi ia tidak boleh di guna untuk Kitab Injil sebagaimana tidak boleh dilaku ke atas Al Quran.

10. Tetapi apa yang dinyata oleh Ibrahim tidak mewakili UMNO. Malang sekali ada ahli politik yang mengaitkan keduanya untuk meraih keuntungan politik.

11.  Walaupun UMNO percaya kalimah “Allah” hak eksklusif Islam, ia tidak pernah saran pembakaran Kitab Injil berbahasa Melayu yang mengguna kalimah tersebut. Saya menganggap mengait sokongan Ibrahim kepada UMNO bermakna apa yang ia perkatakan disokong oleh UMNO adalah berniat jahat. Ibrahim bukan ahli UMNO. Ia mungkin menyokong UMNO tetapi ia bukan jurucakap UMNO.

12. Umumnya, kita sudah bertahun-tahun hidup aman damai. Negara kita berupaya maju dengan pantas kerana ini. Walaupun kita ada perbezaan politik, kita tidak harus guna perbezaan beragama untuk menang pilihanraya. Ia senjata yang berbahaya dan sesiapa yang menggunanya mungkin akan jadi mangsa senjata berkenaan.

13. Biarlah kontroversi ini diselesai secara tertutup dikalangan orang yang ada sikap bertanggungjawab. Jangan biar kumpulan pelampau mengambil peluang dan mengguna isu-isu agama.

14. Ia mungkin sekatan ke atas kebebasan bersuara tetapi kebebasan, di dalam demokrasi yang liberal pun, ada hadnya jika kita mahu demokrasi diamalkan.

15. Saya merayu kepada semua pihak supaya berhenti menyalah-guna isu ini.


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on February 04, 2013

Artikel ini telah disiarkan di dalam Mingguan Malaysia Februari 3, 2013

1. Apabila agama dijadikan isu politik, tak dapat tidak ia akan tercemar. Politik kerap kotor. Apabila yang bersih dicampur dengan yang kotor, yang bersih akan jadi kotor, bukan sebaliknya.

2. Kita sedang menyaksi pencemaran ini berlaku kepada agama Islam bukan sahaja oleh musuh Islam tetapi oleh orang Islam sendiri. Kehormatan terhadap agama, Nabi bahkan Allah sudah berkurangan.

3. Sudah ada pemuda Melayu yang sanggup berkata, “Kenapa kita perlu lindungi Nabi, Nabilah yang patut lindungi kita”.

4. Seorang lagi pemuda Melayu dalam surat kepada seorang VVIP Melayu berkata, “Allah bukan ada ‘patent rights’. Siapa pun boleh guna Allah.

5. Semasa lawatan Ratu Elizabeth ke Malaysia untuk Sidang Komanwel pada tahun 1989, baginda tidak dibenar melawat masjid Shah Alam. Alasannya ialah kerana pihak berkuasa masjid tidak dapat menentukan beliau datang bulan atau tidak. Ratu Elizabeth pada masa itu berumur 64 tahun, kerana seperti saya, baginda lahir pada 1925.

6. Sekarang kerana politik, perempuan bukan Islam yang masih boleh hamil dibenar masuk dalam masjid untuk bersyarah, untuk berjumpa Tok Guru. Wanita Islam tahu bila boleh masuk masjid. Apakah pegawai masjid sudah tentukan keadaan pemimpin wanita bukan Islam ini sebelum membenar dianya masuk masjid. Atau apakah demi undi, yang tidak bersih pun boleh dianggap bersih.

7. Tetapi yang menyedihkan sangat ialah kenyataan Nik Aziz bahawa Nabi adalah orang biasa. Ia menjadi Nabi hanya setelah meningkat umur 40 tahun. Oleh itu kenapa perlu kita sambut hari Nabi diperanakan (Maulud Nabi)?

8. Dan Kelantan pun tidak merayakan Maulud Nabi tahun ini.

9. Tetapi saya baca dan lihat gambar Nik Aziz merayakan hari beranaknya di rumah Karpal Singh dengan bersalam dengannya, untuk merayakan hari Thaipusam.

10. Jelaslah bahawa bagi Nik Aziz, Murshidul Am PAS, hari beranaknya boleh dirayakan bersama Karpal Singh. Maulud Nabi bukanlah sesuatu yang perlu kita rayakan.

11. Kalimah Allah sudah diguna untuk pancing undi. Kerana ingin dapat undi pihak tertentu dalam pilihanraya, dinyatakan kalimah Allah boleh digunakan oleh siapa sahaja.

12. Kemudian apabila takut tak dapat undi pihak yang lain dengan mudah dinyatakan kalimah Allah tidak boleh diguna selain dari dalam agama Islam. Bila ditanya kenapa dahulu kata boleh, jawabnya itu karut. Murshidul Am PAS mengaku ia mengarut.

13. Soalnya ialah apabila kenyataan-kenyataan ini dibuat, apakah ia kerana Allah S.W.T atau kerana ingin memenangi pilihanraya, ingin jadi Perdana Menteri, ingin pancing undi. Apakah kalimah Allah dijual untuk undi duniawi.

14. Di Malaysia ada hanya Sunni. Tidak ada Syiah. Kita tahu apabila ada Sunnni dan Syiah dalam sesuatu negara maka permusuhan yang ketat akan berlaku sepanjang masa sehingga ramai bunuh-membunuh berlaku antara mereka.

15. Malaysia tidak ada Syiah. Sebelum adanya pilihanraya tidak ada perpecahan di kalangan orang Islam di Malaysia kerana tafsiran Islam yang berbeza. Apabila pilihanraya memberi peluang untuk mendapat jawatan, elaun dan bermacam keuntungan, barulah perpecahan berlaku. Untuk mendapat nikmat duniawi maka agama diperalatkan. Maka mulalah tuduhan bahawa orang UMNO kononya kafir supaya mendapat sokongan orang Melayu lain dalam pilihanraya. Maka berpecahlah orang Islam di Malaysia seperti yang terdapat di negara Islam yang mempunyai Sunni dan Syiah. Maka berlakulah sembahyang dua imam, kubur berasingan dan lain-lain. Maka diheretlah kalimah Allah, Maulud Nabi, sembelihan orang tertentu haram dimakan dan bermacam lagi.

16. Saya percaya dimasa hadapan akan berlaku lebih dari ini. Agama Islam akan lebih dicemar oleh orang Islam sendiri. Jika ini disertai oleh orang bukan islam maka akan berlakulah ketegangan hubungan antara kaum dan rusuhan di Malaysia. Negara yang aman ini akan menjadi seperti negara-negara yang mana penduduk terbahagi kepada Syiah dan Sunni dan lain-lain agama.

17. Sesungguhnya tidak ada sesuatu yang lebih bahaya dari permusuhan kerana agama.

18. Mungkin mereka yang memperalatkan agama akan dimakan oleh agama, Wallahualam.