Friday, April 24, 2015


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on April 23, 2015

1. The management of Government finances is governed by laws, rules, regulations and practices. Companies also have similar systems but Government manages huge sums of money, basically the people’s money and it is imperative that the managers follow the laws, rules and regulations.

2. Corruption prevails in almost all Governments. But usually they involve relatively small sums. The work of auditors are supplemented by special anti-corruption authorities to ensure that as little as possible of Government money is misused, abused or basically stolen by the people authorised to manage it.

3. Governments can lose money through bad investments. We would know where the money is lost. But when huge sums of money disappear, then those entrusted with its management must answer for the disappearance. Disappearance is different from just losing. Disappearance is about money lost which cannot be traced. This can be because of corruption or theft.

4. In Malaysia the PM and DPM usually hold one extra portfolio. Usually the Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Defence alternate between the two. Occasionally while waiting for suitable candidate, the Ministry of Finance is held by the PM. Dato Sri Najib however prefers to keep the Ministry of Finance under him all the time. He has appointed a second Minister of Finance. This is his prerogative of course, but he must ultimately be responsible for what happens to the country’s finances.

5. The first requisite for the management of Government money is the yearly budget. Prepared by the Ministry of Finance from feedbacks by all ministries and departments, the budget is first presented to the Cabinet. If passed it is then presented to Parliament.

6. Government is expected to spend money according to the budget. If the yearly budget cannot meet an urgent need of the Government, a supplementary budget can be presented by Cabinet to Parliament. Drafts of the budgets are prepared by officers of the Ministry. Government raises money through taxes and fees of all kinds. Government may own special businesses such as Petronas, which may contribute to the budget.

7. In Malaysia there is also off-budget-funds which may not be presented to Parliament but are still subject to scrutiny and approval of the Cabinet.

8. Cabinet papers are secret of course. But in the case of 1MDB the presentation to the Cabinet and approval by it seems to be unclear. There seems to be attempts to hide behind official secrecy.

9. What we do know is that 1MDB has as its advisor the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. It is inexcusable that the management which is appointed by the PM would reject his advice. So like the British Advisor of old, the advice of the Advisor is a directive.

10. Since then three CEOs of 1MDB have resigned without explanation. Could it be because they could not accept the advice!

11. The Government invested one million Ringgit in the 1MDB. According to known records 1MDB then borrowed from various sources 42 billion Ringgit.

12. A company with 1 million Ringgit capital with no assets cannot borrow 42,000 times its capital with no collaterals. That 1MDB is able to do so is because of Government guarantees.

13. In other words it is Government which is borrowing the money. If 1MDB loses money, the Government will bear the loss. Yet the operation of 1MDB is not overseen by Government officers responsible for the management of Government funds.

14. Why has the 1MDB become controversial? What is wrong with 1MDB?

15. From the beginning it was wrong. It started off as an off-budget and it was not put before the Parliament.

16. The money was borrowed. So it is not sovereign wealth but sovereign debt.

17. The bond raised by Goldman Sachs costs more than is usual for Government borrowings. The interest rate at 5.9% was too high. Government loans usually attract about 3% or below.

18. In addition 10% commission went to Goldman Sachs which means that 1MDB gets only 90% of the money borrowed yet has to pay interest on 100%, raising the interest rate to 6.6%. Averaging at 6%, yearly interest on 42 billion Ringgit is about RM 2.5 billion. Since 2009 there has been no income from all the assets. And 1MDB had to borrow RM2 billion to pay the interest. The loan is now RM42 billion.

19. Total initial borrowings amounted to 42,000,000,000 (42 billion Ringgit). As far as can be ascertained the investments are as follows:

a. Purchase of Tanjong Energy (now known as Powertek Energy Sdn Bhd) from Ananda Krishnan for RM 8.5 billion. This is higher than market price. The licence was about to expire.

b. Purchase of Genting Sanyen Power (now known as Kuala Langat Power Plant) for RM 2.3 billion. Again high above market price. The licence was abut to expire.

c. Purchase of Jimah Energy for RM 1.2 billion.

d. Purchase of 70 acres of land in Jalan Tun Razak for RM320 million i.e: RM64.00 psf. Land last sold in the area was at RM7,000 psf.

e. Purchase of 495 acres of land in the former Sungai Besi TUDM airport (now known as Bandar Malaysia) about RM 363.5 million i.e: at RM 91.00 psf. Estimated value RM1,000 psf.

f. Purchase of 234 acres land in Air Itam in Penang RM 1.38 billion i.e: at RM135.00 psf.

20. It should be noted that TRX land is close to land recently sold at RM7000.00 psf. Assuming the market price is RM3000.00 psf the true value of this land is 6 billion Ringgit. The Government has therefore lost 5 billion plus because 1MDB paid only RM320 million.

21. With regard to the Sungai Besi Airport land, 1MDB paid 363.5 million Ringgit for 495 acres – i.e at RM91 psf. Assuming market price for this land is RM1000 psf. the Government lost approximately 20 billion Ringgit.

22. The land in Penang is of poor quality and has more than 1000 squatters. Yet 1MDB paid RM1.3 billion i.e at RM 135 psf.

23. These are all the purchases that are known. They all add up to RM14.7 billion. So there is approximately 27 billion Ringgit left.

24. More than 1billion US Dollars were said to be paid to Petro Saudi without verification as to the value of this company or its assets.

25. Where is the rest of the money?

26. A certain amount was registered in the Cayman Islands. What was the money used for? What was brought back to Malaysia. What was brought back and deposited in a Swiss bank in Singapore. Why? Where was the money brought back from? Why is this money not used to pay the RM 2 billion interest. Why did Bank Negara allow the first tranche to be repatriated to Malaysia and not the second tranche. Now the Swiss bank has told the Singapore authorities that the document did not originate from them and does not represent a true account of the assets of 1MDB. So where is the money said to be registered in the Cayman Islands and is now brought back.

27. Clearly 1MDB is not getting any return from its investments. Not only is it losing money but the Government has lost money when 1MDB paid only RM683 million for TRX and Sungai Besi. Total loss incurred by the Government is approximately 25 billion Ringgit.

28. 1MDB revalued all its assets at 52 billion Ringgit. That is because Government land was brought at far below the market price. It can only use this money to repay loans if it succeeds in selling them off as land or after development. Progress on TRX is very slow and there is no work on Sungai Besi land. No money will be generated during development; only outflows.

29. It is this disappearance of a huge amount of borrowed money by 1MDB and the inability to answer questions regarding what happened to the funds that disqualifies Najib from being Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Monday, April 20, 2015


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on April 20, 2015

1. Some people believe that I am so angry over not building the crooked bridge that I want Najib to resign.

2. I am not so frivolous. Yes, I am disappointed, especially as Najib appealed to the Singapore PM to build a bridge and the latter rejected it. It is shameful that we dare not build a bridge in our own land without approval by Singapore.

3. This shameful episode is not enough for me to ask Najib to step down. Najib is the son of Tun Razak, the man responsible for my elevation to Prime Ministership. Partly for that reason and partly because Najib showed good performance when I was PM, I wanted Najib to be PM. And people know I worked hard at it pressuring Abdullah to appoint him as DPM, so that he would become PM, when Abdullah leaves.

4. But Najib failed in many areas after becoming PM. Apart from the bridge he did not go ahead with the double tracking and electrification of the railway line from J.B. to Padang Besar which had been agreed upon but was dropped by Abdullah. For 14 billion Ringgit we would have this project completed by 2010. Instead, forced by the demand, he sanctioned the continuation of the track from Ipoh to Padang Besar for 12 billion Ringgit. We lost a lot of money.

5. Then he began to recruit his own 4th floor boys plus a number of British personnel to advise him on how to run the country. They, also used foreign consultants costing more than 7 billion ringgit. We had achieved independence in 1957 and we got rid of British advisers. We did better without them. Najib did not seem to believe in the Malaysian capacity to develop the country.

6. Ignoring the EPU and other Government departments he set up a new agency to plan the development of the country. This agency was headed by a non-civil servant and the salaries of these personnel far exceed that paid to civil servants.

7. The civil servants were very unhappy. In the past they on their own transformed this country from a developing country to a middle-income nation. Now their services, their expertise and experience are no longer needed.

8. They had always been loyal to the BN Government. Now many no longer support the Government. Some even join the opposition after retirement and stood as candidates in elections.

9. As a result of the role given to this new agency the policies of the Government were changed. Najib was told that the rejection of Abdullah in 2008 was due to Chinese dislike for the New Economic Policy. To win them back Najib must ignore affirmative action and should be seen to be more supportive of the Chinese and Indians.

10. He reduced places for bumis in the Government Universities even though in the numerous private universities and twinned colleges, bumis make up less than 10%. Bumiputra contactors and small business no longer had government favour. Most had to stop their businesses.

11. Without saying so in so many words he had adopted the Malaysian Malaysia slogan of the opposition, only calling it One Malaysia instead.

12. Responding to opposition demand he abolished the ISA and freed all those under restricted residence. Crime rates went up.

13. Then he started giving money to people, not just to individuals who earn less than RM3000/- per month but to the associations and the corporate sector as well. Billions were spent on this.

14. Then rallies were organised on every occasions. The organisers were instructed to gather 10,000 people. They were given food and allowances and were transported to the sites, where they were given placards to hold up with “I love PM” written on them. A song 1M4U was composed and sung even at the national day parade.

15. Despite all these the Chinese refused to support Najib. They flocked to the opposition and he performed worse than Abdullah in the 13th General Election.

16. The Malays too did not support Najib. Selangor after he headed UMNO did worse than 2008. Malays only voted for BN because they feared Anwar would appoint Kit Siang as DPM.

17. Through all these I continued to support Najib. On the few occasions I met him, I told him his strategy was wrong but my views were ignored. I said before the 2013 elections that if he did worse than Abdullah he should resign. I had fully expected him to do better than Abdullah.

18. When he failed I told people that they should continue to support him. I was prepared, despite everything to see him lead the BN in the 14th GE.

19. But now with the controversies dogging him I am sure BN would lose if he leads it in the 14th GE.

20. There are many things about his personal behavior that I thought were not right. But I was prepared to overlook them, including he and his wife’s lavish lifestyle.

21. But when he cannot explain where billions of Ringgits have gone to and his involvement with questionable people in the management of 1MDB, I felt that he is not fit to be the Prime Minister of this country.

22. I will explain about how he lost billions of Ringgit in my next blog.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on April 15, 2015

1. Saya terkejut mendengar bahawa UMNO Kelantan menyokong hudud PAS. Saya harap mereka faham apa yang dilakukan oleh mereka.

2. Hudud PAS bukan hudud Islam sebab ia sangat tidak adil, sedangkan Al-Quran menuntut keadilan apabila menghukum.

3. Hukum potong tangan, rejam sampai mati dan penggal leher ke atas orang Islam tetapi mengenakan hukum yang amat ringan kepada orang bukan Islam dalam masyarakat yang sama amatlah tidak adil. Justeru itu hudud PAS bukan hukum hudud Islam.

4. Yang kedua ialah niat PAS dan juga UMNO Kelantan apabila memperkenalkan hudud PAS adalah untuk kepentingan politik. Ini menjadikan hukum hudud PAS dan sokongannya oleh UMNO tidak Islam.

5. Bahawa niat PAS adalah untuk politik adalah jelas daripada “Amanat Perdana Pemangku Presiden YAB Tuan Guru Dato Haji Abdul Hadi Awang – Pilihanraya Ke-11 Formula Kemenangan pada 18 Januari 2003, 15 Zulkaedah 1423 Hijrah”.

6. Amanat ini berbunyi demikian, “yang pentingnya perlu ada kerjasama untuk menjatuh atau mengurangkan penguasaan atau hegemoni BN di Parlimen dan kali ini DAP perlu diyakinkan bahawa mudharat kerjasama ini dapat dikurangkan sebab konsep kerjasama ini berbeza dalam strategi 2 Arca berbanding BA-1999”

7. Ini disusuli dengan “Justeru kerana isu Negara Islam dan pelaksanaan Hudud dan Syariah menjadi punca perpecahan BA dahulu, maka PAS perlu membuat satu pengorbanan dan itihad-besar untuk tidak memasukkan persoalan Negara Islam dan pelaksanaan Hudud di peringkat Federal. Peruntukan mengenai Islam adalah mencukupi sekadar apa yang telah termaktub dalam
Perlembagaan Persekutuan dan seperti yang diamalkan kini di peringkat Federal.

8. Seandainya menang dalam pilihanraya akan datang, BA atau Pembangkang akan menubuhkan sebuah Kerajaan Demokratik dan Adil di peringkat Federal atau Pusat, yang mendokongi Perlembagaan Persekutuan yang sedia ada.”

9. Nawaitu orang Islam semasa membuat ibadat amat penting. Jika niat semasa solat, tawaf dan saii ialah untuk senaman, ia tidak lagi menjadi ibadat. Kerana hudud PAS mempunyai niat menang pilihanraya, maka ia tidak lagi Islam.

10. Atas dua alasan ini, undang-undang yang di lulus oleh dewan undangan negeri Kelantan tidak boleh diterima sebagai hukum hudud Islam. Sebaliknya jika dikenakan ke atas orang bukan Islam ia akan ditentang dan huru hara akan berlaku. Allah s.w.t. tidak suka orang yang mencetuskan huru hara dan melakukan kerosakan. (Surah Al-Baqarah Ayat 27, 123)

11. Di Malaysia, hukum syarak yang sedia ada terhad kepada kepincangan dalam keluarga Islam. Ia tidak menganiaya orang Islam atau orang bukan Islam. Untuk jenayah lain, undang-undang Malaysia tidak membezakan antara agama demi mencapai keadilan bagi semua. Ketegasan Islam berkenaan dengan keadilan dijunjung.

12. Dato Haji Hadi berkata saya tidak tahu syariat Islam. Oleh itu saya tidak layak bercakap berkenaan hukum hudud. Saya juga boleh kata Haji Hadi tidak tahu berkenaan pentadbiran dan tidak layak mentadbir negeri. Sebagai seorang yang terlatih dalam bidang perubatan saya boleh kenal pasti penyakit, termasuk penyakit pentadbiran dan mengubatinya. Saya tidaklah begitu jahil dalam bidang agama. Hasil semasa pentadbiran oleh saya boleh dikaji.

13. Ingatlah orang-orang yang fasih bahasa Arab dan dipimpin oleh pemimpin yang terpelajar dalam bidang agama; orang-orang inilah yang berperang dan membunuh orang yang seagama dengan mereka. Apakah mereka tidak tahu akan larangan membunuh dalam Islam. Mereka mencipta jenayah yang tidak pun ada dalam Islam dan menjatuh hukum yang ditentukan oleh mereka tanpa menitikberat soal keadilan yang dituntut oleh Islam.

14. Ada yang menjatuhkan hukum bunuh kerana tidak simpan janggut, kerana melihat pertandingan bola sepak, kerana tidak memakai hijab sepenuhnya. Terdapat kes seorang lelaki menembak mati seorang wanita kerana dituduh berzina. Cara perbicaraan dan lelaki yang melakukan zina tidak ditunjuk. Hanya perempuan itu ditembak mati. Islamkah perbuatan ini. Adilkah perbuatan ini.

15. Ada yang akan berkata jika ini menjadikan imej Islam buruk dan tidak adil, tidak mengapa kerana kita melakukan hukum Allah. Tetapi benarkah hukum yang dicipta tanpa mengambilkira keadilan Islam serta dengan niat politik adalah hukum Allah.

16. Memikir bahawa imej Islam di kalangan orang bukan Islam, bahkan orang Islam sendiri tidak penting adalah salah. Islam berkembang meluas dahulu kerana imej tamadun yang didiri oleh orang Islam begitu cemerlang sehingga memikat hati orang bukan Islam. Orang Melayu menerima Islam kerana kejayaan dan kehandalan peniaga Islam dari Negara Arab dan India.

17. Melakukan sesuatu kerana kepentingan lain yang memburukkan imej Islam adalah sesuatu yang tidak menepati ajaran Islam dan menjauhkan orang bukan Islam dari agama suci Islam. Ia adalah perbuatan anti-dakwah.

18. Ingatlah segala yang buruk datang dari kita dan segala yang baik datang dari Allah s.w.t.

Monday, April 13, 2015


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on April 13, 2015

1. Saya sedar saya keseorangan. Tetapi jika saya juga berasa bertanggungjawab kepada rakyat salahkah. Apabila duit rakyat hilang dan ini tersembunyi dari rakyat salahkah kalau saya tanya.

2. Saya fikir jika diadakan soal jawab melalui T.V tentulah kerana ingin beritahu rakyat, bukan saya sahaja.

3. Hakikatnya wang 1MDB ada dimana masih tidak dijawab, kata Dato Sri Najib wang itu tidak ada di Cayman Islands. Tetapi dulu mengaku ada di Cayman Islands dan sudah dibawa balik.

4. Rakyat jadi lebih keliru. Jika tidak ada di Cayman Islands, ada dimana? Daripada mana datang wang yang separuh dibawa balik dahulu dan separuh dibawa balik untuk disimpan di Singapura.

5. Kenapa perlu simpan duit yang bukan dari Cayman Islands dan tidak diguna untuk bayar faedah dua billion. Kenapa kerajaan membuat standing credit sebanyak 900 million.

6. Berkenaan Altantuya, saya hanya bertanya siapa yang memberi arahan kepada Sirul yang dikena hukum bunuh. Saya tidak tuduh Najib. Biasanya anggota polis atau tentera tidak tembak mati sesiapa melainkan diserang atau di arah. Ini soal nyawa manusia. Kalau salah, bunuhlah Sirul. Tetapi kalau menjalankan tugas, menurut perintah tidak adil lah jika Sirul dibunuh.

7. Ramai orang datang jumpa saya. Jika keluarga Sirul nak jumpa, saya jumpa. Ini bukan soal lapan tahun dahulu. Ini soal nak gantung anak orang ini hari ini.

8. Rakyat tidak tanya. Tetapi ramai tanya saya. Saya tak dapat jawab. Saya tanya orang yang boleh jawab.

9. Banyaklah lagi soalan saya yang tidak dijawab. Sebaliknya, tindakan saya ini kononnya kerana jambatan bengkok tidak dibina.

10. Jika kerana jambatan bengkok yang saya marah, saya patut tuntut perletakan Najib sebelum PRU 13. Sebaliknya saya berkempen untuk kemenangan Najib. Kepimpinan Najib di Selangor tidak berkesan.

11. Sokongan dari kumpulan-kumpulan tertentu tidak bermakna mereka sokong 1MDB. Mereka takut. Ada yang tanya saya berkenaan dengan 1MDB dan minta saya buat sesuatu. Sekarang ada ugutan terhadap sesiapa yang tidak menyatakan sokongan kepada Najib.

12. Teringat saya kepada ribuan orang yang dibawa berhimpun dan disuruh angkat sepanduk “I love PM” dan menyanyi “I M 4 U”. Tetapi dalam PRU 13 kalah.

Thursday, April 9, 2015


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on April 09, 2015

1. As a result of the exposure regarding the Altantuya case and 1MDB, Najib is now getting pledges of support from UMNO division heads, BN, MIC, Senators and all kinds of groups. This is what the mainstream press reports.

2. I am not asking anybody to support me. But I am going to ask all those who support Najib to declare they all support his 1MDB, 1MDB borrowing 42 billion Ringgit and his inability to answer where the money is when asked.

3. Do you also support keeping billions of Ringgit in Cayman Islands? Do you also support that having brought back the money, it must be kept in a Swiss Bank in Singapore. Do you also support the explanation that the money cannot be brought back to Malaysia by the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance because Bank Negara will ask too many questions.

4. Do you support purchase of Government land in KL at far below market price, revaluing it to make it your asset while buying power plants from the private sector at well above market price.

5. Now there is a suggestion that this land be sold to Government companies at inflated prices so as to pay the billions borrowed by 1MDB.

6. If this sale is in order to pay 1MDB debts, that means that 1MDB which borrowed 42 billion cannot pay its debts from its investments, that it has lost the billions.

7. So what happened to the 42 billion borrowed? Why must 1MDB borrow 2 billion to pay the interest? Why must Government make available almost 1 billion Government money to pay 1MDB debts?

8. These two borrowings by 1MDB means it now has a debt of 42+3 billion = 45 billion.

9. Supporters of Najib must also support Jho Low who managed 1MDB money who is a friend of Najib like Daim is my friend. They must also be friends of Jho Low to have so much faith in him.

10. I asked Najib simple questions but instead of answering the questions he asked people to support him. I would like to ask the supporters whether their support means the disappearance of 42 billion Ringgit is okay, that there is no necessity to at least explain where the money is. If you do, go tell Daim, Tengku Razaleigh, Shahrir Samad and Khairy Jamaluddin to shut up.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on April 07, 2015

1. Saya tidak tawar untuk menolong sesiapa untuk mengatasi apa-apa masalah.

2. Dalam blog saya, saya tidak menuduh Dato Seri Najib melakukan apa-apa jenayah. Itu boleh ditentukan jika polis dapat membuat siasatan. Yang saya pohon ialah jawapan kepada soalan-soalan yang disuarakan oleh ramai rakyat.

3. Saya akui dimasa saya juga ada kehilangan wang negara. Tetapi rakyat dan dunia tahu bagaimana wang ini hilang. Kerugian yang dialami oleh Perwaja diketahui. Demikian juga dengan salah urus Bank Bumiputra oleh pengurusannya. Maminco rugi kerana London Metal Exchange memutuskan bahawa bijih timah yang dijual mengikut perjanjian jual beli yang sah tidak perlu ditunaikan dengan membekal logam berkenaan kepada pembeli. Ini diputuskan untuk menyelamat penjual yang tidak ada timah. Malaysia sebagai pembeli mengalami kerugian.

4. Saya ingin penerangan berkenaan bagaimana Konsortium Perkapalan dan Forex merugikan Kerajaan dan bagaimana saya terlibat dalam perkara ini.

5. Yang nyata ialah negara tahu dimana pergi wang yang dilabur semasa saya. Dalam perniagaan adakala untung, adakala rugi. Yang tidak boleh diterima ialah duit itu hilang tanpa diketahui kemana.

6. Hari ini nilai Ringgit jatuh sebanyak 70 sen. Tiap satu Ringgit jatuhnya matawang kita, negara, Kerajaan dan rakyat kerugian berbillion. Kejatuhan sebanyak 70 sen pun merugikan berbillion Ringgit juga.

7. Tetapi apabila Ringgit diselamatkan dari penyangak matawang, berbillion Ringgit duit Kerajaan diselamatkan. Dan ramai peniaga yang muflis dan hampir muflis terselamat pada tahun 1998. Lupakan sahajalah peristiwa ini kerana ia berlaku dizaman saya.

8. Tetapi dalam kes 1MDB, tidak ada jawapan yang munasabah berkenaan 42 billion Ringgit yang dihutang. Kenapa bayar lebih 10% komisyen kepada Goldman Sachs hanya kerana menjual bond atau membuat pinjaman bagi Kerajaan. Kenapa faedah 5.9% dikenakan, satu faedah yang amat tinggi.

9. Disoal juga peranaan Jho Low. Siapa dianya yang diberi kepercayaan mengendali wang 1MDB berbillion-billion ringgit milik syarikat Kerajaan. Tidak ada persamaan antara Jho Low dengan Daim yang saya lantik sebagai Menteri.

10. Dimana datangnya ratusan million Ringgit untuk membeli bangunan-bangunan dan melabur dalam filem “The Wolf of Wall Street” oleh Riza Aziz, anak tiri Dato Seri Najib.

11. Saya bukan tuduh Dato Seri Najib. Saya bertanya beberapa soalan kerana hutang berbillion ini akan ditanggung akhirnya oleh rakyat. Jawapan tidak juga diberi oleh mereka yang mengecam saya selain daripada berkata saya punyai kepentingan atau saya juga buat kerja yang sama.

12. Apabila saya letak jawatan satu usaha dibuat untuk mendapat bukti saya lesapkan duit Kerajaan. Kalau hendak buat siasatan lagi, saya tidak ada halangan.

Dahulu sokong, kenapa tidak sekarang?

13. Pembaca portal “Free Malaysia Today”, Izack Chin bertanya kenapa saya dahulu sokong Dato Seri Najib supaya mengganti Tun Abdullah. Pada masa itu Najib ternampak bersih. Sekarang ada syak wasangka dikalangan orang ramai yang tidak terjawab.

14. Sudah lapan tahun berlalu kenapa bangkit perkara ini? Ini bukan masalah lapan tahun dahulu. Yang saya soal ialah berkenaan masalah hari ini – masalah nyawa dua orang anggota polis yang dihukum bunuh. Amatlah tidak adil jika mereka dibunuh sedangkan mereka sebagai pegawai rendah polis hanya mengikut perintah.

15. Saya hanya tanya berkenaan siapa yang mengeluar perintah kepada Sirul dan rakannya.

Temasek and 1MDB

16. Salleh Said Kruak compares Low Taek Jho and my critic of him with the criticism against me regarding Ananda Krishan’s involvement in Petronas and the appointment of my friend Daim Zainuddin as Finance Minister. I really do not see any similarity.

17. Ananda Krishnan bought the race course in Jalan Ampang. He could develop this prime land by himself. But he decided to sell one half share of the 100 acres land to Petronas and developed it together. Later he sold his tower to Petronas. What is wrong with that? Petronas made tons of money from the project.

18. There is no similarity at all between Temasek of Singapore and 1MDB. Temasek did not lose money but money borrowed by 1MDB has disappeared.

19. 1MDB is not excess fund belonging to the Government. 1MDB borrowed all its billions. Borrowed money cannot be regarded as wealth. So far the only asset owned by 1MDB are the pieces of land bought from the Government at a price very much below market price. They have been highly revalued. But until they are sold, they cannot be used to pay the 42 billion the 1MDB borrowed. They cannot even pay the interest.

20. As for the comment that it is unfair for me to ask Najib to step down as he was elected through democratic process, I would like to remind Datuk Jamal (Md Yunos) that Tun Abdullah was also elected but Najib was partly instrumental in asking him to step down.

21. With regard to my political agenda, what is wrong with that? A Prime Minister must be seen to be clean and able to explain and answer questions and to be good for the country. Najib cannot even answer and has not answered any question, beyond exercising elegant silence or saying the allegations are not true.

22. There is also an attempt to divert attention from my question by saying that I am siding with the opposition, even that I have become leader of the opposition.

23. If saying something that is similar to the opposition makes me aligned with the opposition, then Najib must be more with the opposition than me because he agreed with the opposition to abolish the ISA, the prevention of crime law and ignore the NEP. He also wanted to abolish the Sedition Act as demanded by the opposition. If UMNO did not object the Sedition Act would have been abolished. So is Najib a member of the opposition?

24. I am still an UMNO member. My disagreement is with the leader, not with the party. I criticised the leader, not the party. It is simply because I want to see the party win. It will not win if Najib is the leader.

25. I had great hopes when Najib took over from Abdullah.

26. But he did even worse than Abdullah, losing more badly in Selangor where he was the Head of UMNO. Thre are so many scandals surrounding him now. His popularity is now even lower than when he led the BN in 2013. In a number of constituencies the margins won by Barisan Nasional (BN) are very narrow.

27. Sabah and Sarawak, are now no longer safe, no longer BN’s fixed deposits.

28. Is it too absurd to predict defeat for the BN in 2018.

29. As for my sons, if I had wanted them to succeed in politics I could have done so when I was Prime Minister. If they succeed it will be by their own effort. If the people don’t like them they will not get this support.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

UMNO dan PRU 14

As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on April 02, 2015

1. Ramalan oleh masyarakat sekarang ialah UMNO dan BN akan kalah Pilihanraya Umum ke-14 kerana terlalu banyak tuduhan yang dibuat terhadap Najib yang tidak dijawab olehnya.

2. Ia bermula dengan kes pembunuhan Altantuya, wanita Mongolia yang terlibat dengan skandal pembelian kapal selam.

3. Dua orang anggota polis dituduh menembak mati wanita berkenaan, dibicara, didapati bersalah, kemudian didapati tidak bersalah dan dibebaskan. Kemudian dibicara semula dan dikena hukum bunuh.

4. Seorang daripada mereka berada dalam tahanan tetapi Sirul seorang lagi berada di Australia. Dia membuat kenyataan bahawa dia diarah untuk membunuh.

5. Rakyat tertanya-tanya siapa yang memberi arahan. Sebagai pengawal peribadi Dato Sri Najib, dakwaan Sirul perlu disiasat untuk menentukan siapa yang memberi arahan. Tetapi selain daripada Najib berkata Sirul “merepet”, tidak ada siasatan yang dibuat. Ini adalah nyawa manusia. Amatlah zalim jika Sirul dibunuh kerana menjalankan arahan.

6. Kemudian kes 1MDB. Tuduhan penyelewengan dalam urusan wang berbillion Ringgit oleh Jho Low telah dibuat dengan bukti-bukti yang jelas. Tuduhan ini tidak dijawab selain dari berkata ia adalah pembohongan.

7. Kononnya aset 1MDB berjumlah 52 billion sedangkan hutang hanya 42 billion. Aset tidak jadi keuntungan sebelum dijual (dicairkan). Kenapa untuk membayar faedah sebanyak 2 billion pun terpaksa hutang dari Ananda Krishnan. Kalau 1MDB tidak rugi kenapa terpaksa hutang. Kenapa wang Kerajaan sebanyak 1 billion diberi kepada 1MDB setelah hutang dibayar?

8. Kononnya wang yang disimpan di Cayman Island sudah dibawa balik. Tetapi separuh disimpan dalam bank Swiss (BSI) di Singapura. Di mana pergi separuh lagi dari 6 billion? Kenapa wang ini tidak diguna untuk bayar faedah 2 billion.

9. Kononnya disimpan di Singapura kerana Bank Negara akan menyoal simpanan lebih dari 50 juta. Jikalau duit itu duit kita yang hanya disimpan di Cayman, apa masalahnya menjelaskan kepada Bank Negara punca wang itu. Lagi pun duit ini dimiliki oleh 1MDB yang dikuasai penuh oleh Perdana Menteri yang juga Menteri Kewangan.

10. Soalan-soalan lain berkenaan 1MDB tidak dijawab selain daripada berkata asetnya besar. Soal harga tanah Kerajaan yang dibeli oleh 1MDB tidak dijelas. Sudah tentu jika dibeli dengan harga yang murah dan dinaik nilai berkali ganda, aset ini menjadi besar. Tetapi Kerajaan rugi banyak dengan tanah miliknya dijual dengan harga yang tidak mencermin harga pasaran.

11. US$700 juta dibayar kepada Petro Saudi untuk apa? Sudahkah ditentukan Petro Saudi memiliki konsesi kawasan minyak dan gas di Argentina dan Turkmenistan sebelum membayar wang yang begitu banyak.

12. Jho Low dilapor dalam New York Times, London Times dan Sarawak Report terlibat dalam pengurusan berbillion Ringgit duit 1MDB. Siapa dianya Jho Low yang begitu dipercayai oleh Dato Sri Najib. Pegawai Malaysia yang dilantik mengurus dana 1MDB mengaku mereka diarah oleh Jho Low yang mendakwa ia mendapat kepercayaan penuh dan arahan dari Dato Sri Najib.

13. Gambar-gambar Jho Low dan kelakuannya, umurnya yang amat muda serta cara hidupnya tidak menggambarkan peribadi yang menyakinkan orang ramai. Tetapi dia dilapur membeli rumah di New York dan Hollywood beratus juta Ringgit. Kemudian rumah-rumah ini dijual kepada anak tiri Najib dengan harga ratusan juta Ringgit bagi setiap satu kerana kononnya Jho Low telah jumpa rumah yang lebih indah di Hollywood yang harganya lebih tinggi.

14. Dari mana datangnya duit beratus juta kepada Riza Aziz tidak dapat dijelas. Keluarga Tun Razak termasuk Najib menafikan duit ini adalah dari keluarga. Pelaburan ratusan juta dalam filem “Wolf of Wall Street” oleh Riza datang dari mana?

15. Dan banyaklah lagi tuduhan dan soalan terhadap 1MDB yang ditubuh oleh Dato Sri Najib dan dikuasai sepenuh olehnya sebagai penasihat yang tidak dijelas dan dijawab selain dari menafi dan mendakwa semuanya bohong belaka. Laporan-laporan dalam akhbar di New York dan London amat memalukan negara.

16. Sementara itu, walaupun Kerajaan menghadapi kekurangan wang yang besar dan terpaksa hutang, Dato Sri Najib sebagai Perdana Menteri membeli sebuah lagi pesawat mewah. Umum mengetahui pesawat ACJ319 yang sedia ada diguna bukan sahaja untuk tugas rasmi tetapi sebagai kenderaan peribadi untuk Dato Sri dan Datin Sri.

17. Dalam keadaan ekonomi tidak menentu, dalam keadaan rakyat terpaksa bayar cukai yang lebih tinggi, dalam keadaan nilai Ringgit yang menurun teruk, dalam keadaan kos sara hidup meningkat dan rakyat dilanda banjir dan kehilangan ratusan juta Ringgit, Kerajaan membazirkan wang ratusan juta untuk pesawat mewah walaupun sudah ada pesawat-pesawat milik Kerajaan.

18. Cara pembelian tidak dapat menyembunyi bahawa akhirnya Kerajaan terpaksa menanggung beban pembelian ini. Jika syarikat bukan Kerajaan yang secara rasmi membeli, bayaran melalui lease (sewa) lebih tinggi daripada belian secara langsung kerana terpaksa memberi keuntungan kepada pemilik dan faedah yang dimasukkan.

19. Selain daripada ini dasar-dasar pemerintahan Dato Sri Najib terhad kepada pemberian wang percuma, menimbul kemarahan orang Melayu dengan mengenepikan Dasar Ekonomi Baru kerana ingin mendapat sokongan orang Cina. Namun penolakan BN dalam PRU 13 membuktikan orang Cina tolak pemerintahan Najib.

20. Sesungguhnya rakyat, baik Melayu, Cina, India atau suku kaum Sabah dan Sarawak sudah tidak percaya lagi kepada Dato Sri Najib. Ahli UMNO dan pemimpinnya perlu sedar bahawa UMNO dan dengan itu BN akan kalah jika Dato Sri Najib memimpin UMNO hingga PRU 14. Apabila UMNO kalah, orang Melayu akan kutuk kepimpinan yang menjadikan parti keramat ini begitu lemah sehingga ditolak oleh bangsa Melayu sendiri. Sekali UMNO kalah, ia tidak akan dapat dipulih semula.

21. Ramai juga ahli dan pemimpin UMNO yang setia secara buta tuli kepada pemimpin. Saya juga setia tetapi kesetiaan saya ialah kepada parti dan orang Melayu yang diwakili olehnya. Bukanlah mudah bagi saya menulis blog ini. Tetapi demi bangsa dan Negara saya terpaksa dedah semua ini.

22. Saya belum nyanyok walaupun umur hampir 90 tahun. Sesiapa yang berkata saya nyanyok sebenarnya menipu diri.

23. Melayu hanya akan selamat jika bersikap bangsa lebih utama daripada diri sendiri.