Tuesday, January 9, 2018


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on January 08, 2018

1. It is reported that Bank Negara has bought from the Government of Malaysia 22.58 hectares of land for the relocation of the Global Islamic Finance University and the International Research Academy for Islamic Finance. (read here)

2. Months were taken to negotiate these transactions. Bank Negara will pay the Government of Malaysia RM2 billion for this land.

3. When I was in office Bank Negara expanded physically several times. But no one heard about the price paid for the land. Maybe the public as stakeholders, would like to know how much Bank Negara paid for the land on which the present magnificent bank buildings stand.

4. Selling assets is one way for the Government to make money. We sold land in Penang and Port Klang recently and made enough money to pay the second instalment of the debt owed to IPIC. (read here)

5. We still have more land. If we sell a few states we can be really rich. That is one way to achieve Vision 2020. More land can be sold and a little of the proceeds distributed as BR1M to achieve a high income nation. We would then become a developed nation. No need to wait until 2050.

6. Look at Singapore. It is tiny compared to Malaysia. But it has a much higher income per capita than Malaysia. Singapore was a part of Malaysia before. It was sold to the British. It is now an independent country.

7. We don’t need a big land area. If we sell all our excess land we can see them becoming well developed. We can be very proud of their development.

8. Najib is doing a great job. If we give him more time we will see him selling more land, which would get very well developed.