Wednesday, December 28, 2016


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on December 22, 2016

1. One of the amazing things happening in Malaysia today is the willingness of certain people, educated and knowledgeable, to kowtow to Najib, to even kiss his hands as their anointed leader, democratically elected.

2. They must know that there are ample evidence that Najib had stolen money in his personal accounts at the bank, that the Dept. of Justice of America had reported that he (Malaysian Official 1 – identified by his own minister, Abdul Rahman Dahlan, as the Prime Minister) is involved in massive fraud involving money belonging to the Malaysian people, that his stepson Riza Aziz and his bosom pal Jho Low were involved in money laundering in the U.S., money belonging to 1MDB.

3. They know all this and more. But they continue to accept him as their leader, crowding around him to shake and kiss his hand. Even the highest elites stood by him.

4. In other countries for even less evidence of abusing power and corruption, leaders, including those from the same party, have taken action, if not to overthrow but at least to suspend the leader while investigations are being carried out as to the truth of the charges levelled. But in Malaysia people including elected leaders of the parties in the coalition Government and very very important people are still supporting Najib’s administration and premiership.

5. When asked, a few aver that although there are charges of corruption and massive fraud levelled at him, in the country and throughout the world, he has not been convicted on such charges. Until he is found guilty they would continue to regard him as their legitimate leader.

6. This excuse is untenable because they know very well that the IGP and the Attorney General are openly covering up his criminal acts and preventing them from being heard in a court of law.

7. Thus when a report is made against him, the person reporting is called up by the police and subsequently detained together with his lawyer, charging them as terrorist and saboteurs of the economy.

8. When the Central Bank, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission submitted reports on Najib, the Attorney General declared that there is no ground (in the reports) for charging Najib with any wrongdoing.

9. The A.G. had clearly usurped the role of the courts by passing his own judgement. He has become both prosecutor and judge.

10. Additionally reports on 1MDB were placed under the Official Secrets Act, thus not only denying public access to the reports but actually making any reference to the reports a breach of the OSA, and possible charges under that act.

11. The A.G. again going beyond his jurisdiction, instructed that no more investigation be made on matters relating to 1MDB and other possible wrongdoings by Najib. He even went back on his promise to cooperate with the Swiss public prosecutor.

12. The Auditor-General upon instruction by Najib to audit the 1MDB so as to prove that nothing wrong was done by it, came up with a report which was submitted to the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament.

13. Again the A.G. classified the Auditor-General’s report as official secret so that even members of PAC may not refer to it.

14. All these actions by the IGP and the Attorney-General served to prevent Najib’s wrongdoing from being heard in a court of law.

15. That being the case there is no way for Najib to be found guilty even if the whole world regard him as guilty.

16. His toadying supporters, especially from UMNO, MCA and MIC as well as the members of Parliament from Sabah and Sarawak cannot use the “not guilty” excuse for continuing to kiss Najib’s soiled hand. They know he is guilty. And by association they are equally guilty.

17. They really should be ashamed of themselves for propping up a corrupt leader when they can easily bring him down through their votes in parliament.

18. Truly they have betrayed the rakyat who elected them to rule in accordance with the laws of the country and democracy. They are now a part of a Kleptocracy, a Government by crooks and the corrupt.