Friday, August 14, 2009

SOUND BITES (Hiroshima)

As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on August 11, 2009 4:16 PM

1. Generally the comments on Hiroshima proves that Malaysians are a caring people.

2. But as to the two students who died - they were Malays. Someone already commented that there were no Malaysians at that time. I don't think we can say the Sultan of Melaka was a Malaysian.

3. I am intrigued at the idea that if we all call ourselves Malaysians then there would be no racial conflicts. I agree it would probably contribute to a better Malaysia.

4. But I would like to point out that being of the same race, ethnically, cannot by itself prevent conflict in human society.

5. Socialism and Communism were conceived in single ethnic countries. What gave rise to these ideologies were the disparities in the distribution of wealth within these nations. The working class rose violently against the rich employers, killing even their own same ethnic Csar, because of the unfair wealth distribution.

6. So we must ensure fair (not equal) distribution of wealth before forgetting racial origins simply because the disparities are between races and not between class.

7. Incidentally in Singapore while the identity cards no longer indicate the dialect group among the Chinese, the Malays are now classified into Bugis, Boyanese, Javanese etc. The number of Malays are now much less.

8. themalaypress menegaskan bahawa suka tak suka peperangan akhir zaman tetap akan berlaku. Kita tak mungkin teka bila zaman berakhir. Sebab itu kita perlu bersedia menangani masalah dan malapetaka yang akan menimpa kita sebelum itu. Menolak senjata nuklear termasuk dalam usaha yang perlu dilakukan oleh kita kerana firman Tuhan dalam Al-Quran menyuruh kita mencuba mengubah nasib kita sebelum Allah s.w.t. akan menolong kita. Demikian juga usaha untuk menjadikan perang sebagai jenayah, sama seperti menjadikan perhambaan sebagai jenayah.

9. Saya tidak dapat komen tentang Amanah Saham 1 Malaysia kerana saya tak tahu kenapa ia dibezakan daripada amanah saham lain.

10. We need the support of everyone so as to make war a crime. We would love to have support from students and their leaders. The best form of support would be to spread the word that war is about killing people. Since killing people is a crime then war must also be a crime.

11. If you have friends among students from the countries which like to wage wars, tell them to campaign against election candidates unless they give an undertaking to reject war and consider it a crime.