Saturday, July 15, 2017


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on June 22, 2017

1. I have written about Najib’s attempts to deprive the opposition of funds to campaign and develop an effective election machinery.

2. That is not all of course. The Election Commission has redrawn the boundaries of the constituencies so that the Malays are separated from the Chinese. He believes the Malays can be easily bribed to vote for BN but the Chinese will continue to be dead against him as they were in the 13th General Election.

3. Beyond that he will change the location of the voting stations so that the voters will find their names no longer at their usual stations. The voters have not been informed of this change. Opposition parties are denied access to the lists of voters. On polling day voters would not be able to vote if their names have been transferred to voting stations far from their usual one.

4. Bribery would be rampant. As happened in the by-elections, money would be given openly to voters who would then be made to swear to vote for BN. Other things would also be given, including equipments for kitchen use and food items.

5. In a number of cases this is already being done. Money and foodstuffs are being given out in the guise of fasting month support right now. Reporting bribery attempts will not result in any action by the police. Hence practically no reports were made during the by-elections. Disregarding the law by Najib and his cohorts will be common.

6. Currently RM10,000 to RM50,000 are being offered to ARMADA youths of PPBM to leave the party. Those receiving RM50,000 are made to sign documents requiring them to vote for BN.

7. Promises are also being made now for more money and goodies when the election is on. Already people who are not on the Government payroll are receiving monthly allowances. Chairman of the Jawatankuasa Kemajuan Kampung (village development committee) now receive monthly allowance of RM800. Fisherman get monthly allowances of RM200.

8. “Buka Puasa” events by opposition parties are blocked through warnings to donors not to be found sponsoring the “buka puasa” by opposition parties. Mosques and precincts are closed to opposition parties but open to UMNO. Would be donors would be harassed and threatened with visits by the Inland Revenue Board. It is sad to note that income tax officials cooperate with the BN totally in these harassments. Of course they stand to gain from the bonus for collecting more taxes for the Government.

9. And now the law on money laundering is being used to freeze the money belonging to potential donors to the opposition. That this can stop the victims from doing business does not concern Najib.

10. Banks have been told not to give loans to business people who might donate to the opposition.

Postal Votes

11. Postal votes of certain branches of the Government service including the police and the armed forces will be shifted to the constituencies contested by senior members of the BN to ensure victory. In the 2004 Election it is known that postal votes while still in their boxes were shifted three constituencies away in order to turn defeat into victory for a prominent Minister.

12. The number of voters in a constituency was increased to almost double between 2008 to 2013. Accordingly the candidate who had scored very badly in a previous election, was able to win by huge majorities in the following elections.

13. The opposition may have to face the possibility of the election being declared null and void should the BN lose by a small margin. Or, the Government will refuse to admit defeat. The opposition would be accused of cheating. No evidence would be needed for the Government to declare this. The bullies of the BN will be ready to create instability.

14. On this basis there could be a declaration of a state of emergency and Parliament would be suspended. A “Mageran” (Majlis Gerakan Negara – National Operations Council) form of Government would be installed and the country would be ruled by decree as happened in 1969.

15. At that stage the BN may offer monetary incentives to opposition MPs to cross over. Once the BN gains a sufficient majority, the emergency would be lifted and the BN would form a majority Government. Parliament would be recalled.

16. We all know that Najib is desperate not to lose his Premiership. Bersih saw many of these abuses of authority happening in the 2013 election. Worse things can happen in this 14th General Election.

17. We are not going to see fair election. The reason why Najib wanted to have large amounts of money is because he believes in Cash is King. Given very large amounts of money, he believes few can resist his blandishments. They would support him. Government money will be used widely. The ministries will not get the money allocated to them in the budget. Additionally the huge sums of money which the Dept of Justice says he had stolen from 1MDB will be used for bribing the electorate.

18. The people of Malaysia must reject the abuses of power by the BN party. They must be steadfast in voting against BN. They must ensure the defeat of the BN. The country will be totally destroyed if the BN is given another five years.