Saturday, December 13, 2014

MH 17

As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on December 11, 2014

1. I am very annoyed by the apparent exclusion of Malaysia from the investigation of MH 17.

2. The aircraft belongs to Malaysia and the pilots, staff and quite a number of the passengers were Malaysians. Yet it seems that Malaysia is only grudgingly permitted to participate in the examination of the wreck recovered. And it is not even brought back to Malaysia.

3. Granted the highest number of the passengers who lost their lives were Dutch. But under what law is the aircraft the property of the Dutch?

4. The black box was recovered but although it was handed to Malaysian authorities, the box was surrended to the Dutch and the British.

5. As far as I know the black box contains tape or electronic recording of the conversations and sounds some minutes before the crash. Can it be that Malaysians have no capacity to hear the records even? Are only the Dutch and the British capable of doing this?

6. Malaysia seems unduly grateful being allowed to participate in examining the wreckage in Holland. What is there to be grateful for?

7. As to the cause of the crash, is there something to hide? Lets fire a missile at an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Is it true that a missile fired from the ground leaves no trail of smoke? I have been looking at the war in Syria and against the IS. Every time a missile is fired, there would be a blast of smoke and flames and a lot of noise also. But it seems no one saw the missile being fired, or the smoke trails. Maybe this is a new silent, trail-less Russian missile.

8. The U.S knew that it was a Russian missile immediately after the news of MH 17 being brought down. How did they identify the missile so quickly, even who fired etc.?

9. I remember when a U.S warship fired a missile which brought down an Iranian passenger plane. Was it mistaken identity? Or was it deliberate disregard for non-U.S lives?

10. Now on the assumption that a Russian missile was used to down MH 17, the U.S and Europe have applied sanctions against Russia. NATO seems bent on going to war against Russia.

11. The assassination of an Archduke launched the First World War which killed millions. Any little incident is enough for Europe and America to go on a killing spree.

12. And by the way where is MH 370?? Has it been pulverised into nothing as happened to the aircrafts which crashed into the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania? They left no debris at all.

13. As a Malaysian I demand that the wreckage of MH 17 be brought back to Malaysia as a matter of right. Malaysians should examine it in full view of the people. After all it is Malaysia which is being sued by the relatives of the victims.