Monday, November 26, 2012


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on November 25, 2012

Dear Alfred (

1. Thank you for your comments on my speech given at a forum held in Kuala Lumpur on 19th November 2012 themed “9/11 Seeking the Truth.” Apart from myself three others spoke, each with his own reasons for doubting that the attack against the twin World Trade Towers of New York was the work of Arab terrorists. Their talk was illustrated with video clips of the attack and the subsequent collapse of not just the two towers but of a third tower next to them which was not hit by any aircraft or by the collapsing towers.

2. One pointed out that upon being informed that the towers were hit by airplanes, Bush did nothing for almost 10 minutes. Rumsfeld who was in the Pentagon building was told that a commercial aircraft was headed for the Pentagon after the twin towers were hit. No commercial aircrafts or other aircrafts were supposed to fly towards the Pentagon. It was 50 miles from the building when Rumsfeld was told. But he did nothing. No fighter aircrafts were scrambled to stop the oncoming aircrafts. And the aircraft was said to crash into the Pentagon.

3. Another speaker illustrated his talk with video clips showing how the towers collapsed straight down as characteristic of planned demolition. There were shots of the fire brigade personnel describing the collapse and gesturing with their hands that the building came down with loud boom, boom, boom, boom, boom ….. at each stage. Other witnesses described the collapse in the same way.

4. An association of architects and engineers declared that the collapse was typical of a planned demolition. They pointed out that buildings do not collapse due to fire. The steel frames would not come down with the building unless they were destroyed by explosives, as happens with demolitions.

5. The video also showed melted steel pouring down the sides as the buildings came down. This can only happen if a certain chemical which burn with very high temperatures, higher than the melting point of steel, ignites during the fire. Traces of this chemical was found at the site later on.

6. But the most telling feature is the similar straight-down collapse of a third building next to the twin towers. This building was not hit by any aircraft or by the two towers crashing against it as they collapse.

7. The collapse of this building also showed the features of a demolition. No other buildings close by were damaged in any way.

8. Normally when a plane, especially a commercial plane crashes, the black box would be among the debris. No black boxes were found. Presumably they were melted by the intense heat.

9. Yet a passport was found in the debris, revealing the name of the “terrorist.” Isn’t it strange that intense heat which could melt steel could not burn the paper of the passport. There was no report of other passports being found.

10. All these things pointed out by the speakers indicate a very sophisticated operation.

11. A few years back a group of Americans came to Malaysia bringing with them videos of the 9/11 attacks against the twin towers, the Pentagon and the crash of the fourth plane in Pennsylvania. One of them was the janitor who was declared a hero by the US Government for saving the lives of 200 people in the lower floors.

12. He told the Government enquiry commission preparing a report on the 9/11 crash about the explosions as the building came down. His evidence, he said was not included in the report.

13. A society of engineers made public their doubts that the collapse of the towers was due to the plane crash and fire. They believed that it was due to demolition.

14. If you are interested enough you can access a whole lot of websites on “9/11 truth” and you will find that I am not the only one to question the veracity of the official version of 9/11.

15. Please keep an open mind when you read these websites. Please also remember that the truth is important because this incident resulted in Afghanistan and Iraq being invaded, hundreds of thousands being killed, the Muslims being demonised and discriminated against. Surely if the Muslim terrorists are not responsible, the Muslims do not deserve to be condemned, humiliated and killed.