Wednesday, November 21, 2012


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on November 21, 2012

This article appeared in the New Straits Times, Wednesday Nov 21, 2012

1. Israel assassinated a Hamas leader, bombed Gaza and is preparing to invade that strip of free Palestine because rockets had been launched from Gaza to hit Tel Aviv.

2. Israel invariably claims that it is retaliating against Palestinian attacks. But Israel does not mention that it had attacked Gaza in the past and when its troops withdrew, it blockaded all supplies of food, medicine and construction materials to Gaza.

3. Malaysia cannot forget that its ship, the Rachel Corrie, carrying medicine and food for the beleaguered and starving people of Gaza were stopped in international waters and forced to go to Ashdod in Israel.

4. Nor can we forget the attack against the Mavi Marmara, a Turkish ship also carrying relief aid to Gaza in which nine aid workers were shot dead by Israeli soldiers.

5. Another Malaysia ship carrying plastic pipes for repairing the sewage system in Gaza was also forced by the Israeli Navy to turn around and go to Egypt.

6. Israel’s military action against Gaza had destroyed hospitals, schools, dwelling houses and the water-carriage system. The people could not rebuild their houses and buildings because Israel illegally blockaded the sea off Gaza. That blockade include attacks against relief ships in international waters – again in total disregard for international laws.

7. Israel did not want the Gaza people to rebuild their homes, forcing them to camp outside or seek refuge in their destroyed houses. Israel knows well how cold it can be in Gaza in winter. Israel does not allow food or medical supplies to be supplied to the suffering people of Gaza.

8. It is now almost a decade since the Israel invasion and destruction of Gaza. Every now and again Israel would fire rockets at Gaza. The strip has become a huge detention camp for the Gazans. No food, no medicine, no clean water, no shelter and no schools. Israel is really operating an Auschwitz type of concentration camps as operated by the Nazis for Jews in the last war. Israel tells the world that the Nazis were inhuman. But the Palestinians, the Gazans did not put Jews in concentration camps. Still they are being made to apparently pay for the sins of the Europeans. Humane treatment is only for Jews. If Jews treat the Arabs with the same kind of brutality, it is alright.

9. Can anyone be surprised the Gazans fire rockets at their Israeli tormentors.

10. Then one should remember that Israel is created by the Americans and Europeans as a Jewish homeland by seizing Palestinian land. Upon being given Palestinian land for a Jewish state, the Israelis massacred Palestinians at Deir Yassin and other locations forcing the Palestinians to flee their homes and country. For nearly 60 years now they have lived as refugees in sub-human condition in other countries.

11. In the meantime Israel has carried a systematic but illegal development of Jewish settlements in Palestinian land. Roads are built on Palestinian lands which are exclusively for Jews. High walls are built to divide Palestine villages. Israeli forces carried out assassinations of Palestinian leaders outside of Israel.

12. The Arab countries in the Middle East are exposed to attacks at anytime. There was, there is and there will never be any security for them. And their insecurity is because Israel believes in ensuring its security by pre-emptive attacks against it neighbours, by depriving others their security.

13. For all these and more, is it any wonder that the Palestinians and the Gazans should fire rockets at Israel. The Palestinians know the Israeli will retaliate with far more devastating attacks.

14. Keeping quiet is not a choice for the Palestinians, as the Israelis will continue their expansion, their settlements and their attacks.

15. The world will not do anything to help the Palestinians. For Israel now control the most powerful nation in the world. Any action against Israel would attract positive support by the United States of America. Obama has just won his second term as President of the U.S. Israel wants to attack Iran. So far the U.S. has not agreed. The invasion of Gaza is a test for Obama. Let us see what the Israeli satellite will do?