Tuesday, November 13, 2012


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on November 13, 2012

This article originally appeared in the New Sunday Times, Nov 11, 2012

1.​ I don’t know whether it has been reported in Malaysian papers but the Israelis bombed an arms factory in Khartoum two weeks ago. This outrageous act is an example of Israeli disregard for international laws.

2.​ There is no war declared between Sudan and Israel. But that does not prevent Israel from bombing Sudan. As with the bombings of the Egyptian Airbase, Iraqi nuclear facilities, again without war being declared Israel feels entitled to bomb other countries in the pursuit of its own security. That the very real possibility of being bombed by Israel creates insecurity for other countries did not matter. Only Israeli security counts.

3. ​Israel alleges that arms were being supplied to the Palestinian, probably from Sudan. Whether that is true or not the fact remains that Israel itself is being supplied with all kinds of sophisticated weapons by the United States and Europe to be used as Israel thinks fit. Israel’s receipt of arms from foreign countries for its already powerful military forces is legitimate but the Palestinians may not receive arms to defend themselves so that the balance of terror must always be with Israel.

4. ​It even has nuclear weapons. Israeli military power obviously creates insecurity and terrifies the Arab countries. This is especially so as Israel has no compunction regarding bombing its neighbours at any time.

5. ​To ensure Israeli security, the powers that be allows Israel to break all international laws and norms of behaviour. Israeli navy illegally blockades Gaza, attacking relief ships in international waters and killing relief workers. An Israeli tractor deliberately ran over an American girl because she tried to stop the destruction of a Palestinian house. Israeli forces regularly fire rockets at Palestinians, Israel builds settlements on Palestinian land and erect high walls through Palestinian villages so as to cut off communications between Palestinian families.

6.​ Never in the history of nations has there been such a country as Israel. It disregards laws and its courts uphold criminal acts by its soldiers. It indulges in aggression and pre-emptive strikes without justification.

7.​ The world has to put up with Israeli lawlessness because it controls the most powerful nation in the world. Every candidate for Presidency or Congress must first declare support for Israel or lose their election.

8.​ It is as if criminals control and direct the police. There can be no security for people when the police take orders and sides with the criminals.

9.​ Modern civilisation is a mockery when a state such as Israel can do just what it likes against other countries. But then its minions do the same. They think nothing of assassinating people residing in other countries. They disposed off the bodies of their victims any way they like.

10. ​While mouthing pious words about freedom and the rule of law they apply sanctions against countries without approval of the United Nations. They believe they are justified in killing 500,000 children through sanctions in the pursuit of their Israel-inspired international policy.

11.​ When they apply sanctions against a country they force other countries to do the same. Failure to do so would be followed by threats to destroy the country’s economy and finances.

12. About any scientific discovery would be applied towards developing ever more fiendish weapons. The latest is based on the advances in remote controls. UAV or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are used for assassination of individuals, bombing villages and spying.

13.​ Their marines are dropped into foreign countries to carry out attacks and assassinations. Leaders of unfriendly countries would be killed through contrived accidents.

14. We are really living in a lawless world, a primitive world. It is almost as if barbarians are again at the door. Only this time the barbarians are more powerful because they are well educated.

15. Despite all the praise for modern civilisation and the accompanying humanitarianism and human rights, we are not free to do what we like. We can only do what is advocated by the powerful. If they don’t invade us they would still finance more or less openly to put their candidates in power. They make no effort to hide the desire to achieve regime change so as to have only submissive leaders in place.

16. The law of the jungle govern us now – the law by which the strong will take what they will and the weak will surrender what they must.

17. At the centre of this collapse of human civilisation is Israel, the Frankenstein monster state created by the West which they must now obey unquestioningly.

18. Unfortunately there is no way for us to return to civilisation, to feel secure, to be free of political and economic oppression. This is because there is no one willing or capable of challenging the bully, the most powerful but least humane nation in the world.