Monday, January 12, 2009


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det Weblog on January 11, 2009 12:03 PM

1. I don't know whether my piece about Langkawi mozzarella was read by the Star or not but I am glad the paper carried reports on the production of the unique Italian cheese in Langkawi.Justify Full
2. There is no doubt the recipe was brought by Mr Muhammad Michael Bruschi, an Italian who married a Malaysian.

3. His cheese making facility is located near a Government buffalo breeding farm. Talking to Mr Bruschi I realise that there is not enough buffalo milk for him to grow his business.

4. He is very knowledgeable about cattle breeding and he has a number of French limousine cows in his farm

5. I am informed that the buffalo breeding station is to be handed to a cooperative. Although the Government veterinary staff know about breeding buffaloes and can train the co-operative to carry on, perhaps they can make use of Mr Bruschi to bring in Italian practices into buffalo breeding, especially for maximising the production of milk. I am sure it will benefit everyone.

6. I hope no one will be offended by my unsolicited suggestion. I am still nominally the adviser to LADA or Langkawi Island Development Authority.

7. Mr Bruschi also has a Malay boy who he had sent for training in butchery in San Marino, an independent country inside Italy. Carving up the carcass of a slaughtered animal requires special skills. The different parts of the animal sell at different prices in the market. A trained butcher would carefully carve the carcass so as to maximise the returns from selling at different prices the best parts and the less tasty parts.

8. Maybe our butchers are already doing that and would require no more training. But in case they are not then they should get themselves trained so tha they can maximise the returns to themselves by selling special cuts like T-bone, rib, cheek, fillet, rump etc.