Thursday, June 8, 2017


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on June 02, 2017

1. In Singapore the Straits Times reports that MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) slaps fines on UOB and Credit Suisse for 1MDB related transactions.

2. MAS said it completed its two-year review of banks involved in 1MDB – related transactions.

3. Previous to this, two banks were shut down and seven people were arrested, fined and jailed for involvement in criminal acts related to 1MDB.

4. In America, the Department of Justice issued a 132-page statement regarding money laundering of 1MDB money done by Riza Aziz and Jho Low. The department stated that 3.5 billion dollars of 1MDB money was involved and 1 billion US of property, paintings and receipts from a film produced with the stolen money have been identified and frozen.

5. The Attorney General of Switzerland had investigated illegal acts involving 1MDB money and requested the cooperation of the Malaysian Attorney General to progress the investigations. The Malaysian Attorney General agreed to cooperate but subsequently refused.

6. Media reports throughout the world made it clear that stealing on a massive scale was done by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, referred to as Malaysian Official 1 in the Department of Justice report.

7. The reports were defamatory and if not true should have been sued by the Malaysian Prime Minister. But no summons have been made by the Prime Minister in any jurisdiction.

8. But at home all that happens is that the Attorney General simply declared that the Prime Minister has not committed any wrongdoings. This was corroborated by the Prime Minister.

9. The Attorney General then ordered that no more investigations on 1MDB should be carried out. Although he later said that he did not say this, the fact is that the Attorney General has not requested the Police, or the MACC or any other body to investigate 1MDB. Instead all the reports mentioned above were put under the Official Secrets Act. Access to the reports is now denied to everyone including Government agencies and institutions.

10. But we now hear fabulous reports by the MACC about people being caught with huge sums of money obtained corruptly. There seems to be a drive to clean up the country of corruption. This is great.

11. But no investigation, no media report is made of the 2.6 billion Ringgit which got into Najib’s private account. Is it because MACC believes the stories told about this money, which include;

a. Statement by Nazri Aziz on 11th Aug 2015 that “the money was a donation from a friendly country to help UMNO win the 13 General Election”.

b. Ahmad Maslan, on 30th July 2015 said, “Not true. There was no flow of funds in the personal accounts of the Prime Minister”.

c. Najib himself on 25th Jan 2016, “It is true that RM42 million went into my account, but I do not know who put it in”.

d. Najib, on 4th July 2015 stated, “I deny receiving any money in my account”.

e. Aziz Kaprawi, commenting on the allegation on 20th Aug 2015, stated “The donation was meant to help UMNO against DAP which is supported by the Jews”.

12. In the face of all these allegations, reports, statements and worldwide condemnations, shouldn’t the Attorney General open again the police investigations on the shenanigans involved in the management of 1MDB money and remove the reports by Bank Negara, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and the Auditor General, from the Official Secrets Act.

13. It is well-known that criminal acts in the Government do not constitute official secrets. In fact it is the duty of everyone in the Government or outside the Government to report such crimes.

14. It is absurd if the Malaysian Government insists there is nothing wrong with 1MDB when other countries are arresting people, closing banks and declaring that massive money laundering is done involving 1MDB money.

15. If really there has been no wrongdoings then the Attorney General must show proof that the money is all there, safe and sound.