Sunday, April 23, 2017


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on April 20, 2017

1. Najib wants the world to respect Malaysia.

2. It is going to be a very difficult task for the world.

3. Currently the world has labelled Malaysia as one of the ten most corrupt country in the world. And there are good reasons for labelling Malaysia corrupt.

4. Najib himself is alleged by the American Department of Justice as being involved in the biggest money laundering activities in the world. Then of course is the loss of billions of Ringgit by 1MDB under Najib. Bankers in Singapore have been jailed and two banks forced to close down for their role in illegal dealings with 1MDB. The Swiss A.G. has failed to get the cooperation of the Malaysian A.G. over illegal dealings involving 1MDB.

5. And now a deputy minister had been caught telling a lie that the Malaysian A.G. had asked for information on 1MDB from the Swiss A.G. which the Swiss promptly denied.

6. Then there is the USD681 million in the PM’s private account which no one in the world believes is a gift from a Saudi prince.

7. The world press is asking why Najib is still the Prime Minister of Malaysia, and no investigation has been made by the police over reports of Najib’s wrongdoings by Bank Negara, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and the Auditor-General. That these reports have been made official secrets is something that is difficult for the world to accept. Hiding evidence is a crime in any country. But in Malaysia the Government of Najib does this with impunity.

8. The world is aware of the sackings of auditors by 1MDB and that there has been no auditing of 1MDB over the last two years.

9. These facts are known to the world. Malaysians will know more. They know that the Malaysian Government is highly indebted, is in deficit, is unable to meet budget allocations. They know of the high level of corruption in the Government. They laugh at the orchestrated shows of support for the Prime Minister. And they know of the huge sums of money received by BN members of Parliament to ensure their loyalty.

10. They know of the depreciation of the Ringgit, the high cost of living and the fall in their living standards.

11. The controlled media may make glowing reports about Malaysia’s economy but the world knows that Malaysians are suffering in terms of the economy, are living in fear of harassment by Government agencies, of high levels of unemployment.

12. In this world of easy communications and the Internet, what Malaysians know will also be known to the rest of the world. Hence the question asked of Malaysians when abroad. Where before there was admiration for Malaysia’s achievement, now foreigners ask Malaysians, “What is happening to your country?” Clearly they know that things are going wrong in Malaysia.

13. But Najib seems to demand that the world respect Malaysia. What is there for the world to respect about Malaysia.

14. Can they respect Malaysia because BN has the means to realise its promises to Malaysians. So far the BN record is the worst registered in terms of economic achievements, democracy and the rule of law, freedom of the media and free speech, open debates and quality of life. And the history of wrong doings by Najib as listed above cannot be unknown to the world.

15. In fact Malaysians abroad often hide their Malaysian identity for fear of being told about the corruption and the allegations of wrongdoings by their Prime Minister.

16. Najib should stop making ridiculous demands that the world should respect Malaysia. But if this is what he wants, then allow the courts to hear charges of wrongdoings by him and lift the ban on the reports by Bank Negara, MACC and the Auditor General.

17. Better still, he should resign and let Malaysia be democratic again. A kleptocracy, a Malaysia ruled by crooks and criminal as alleged by numerous foreigners and their institutions will never gain the respect of the world.