Sunday, April 23, 2017


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on April 19, 2017

1. It is amusing to read about Dato’ Sri Najib urging Malaysians to have high cultural and moral values. Even more amusing is his demand for the world to respect his Malaysia.

2. But then Najib does not believe in leadership by example. He apparently believes in doing what “I tell you to do and not what I do”.

3. But whether he believes in leadership by example or not his followers cannot help but look up to him as their model. Accordingly his UMNO followers have become as corrupt and immoral as him.

4. How on earth does he expect that in 33 years time, through his 2050 Transformation Slogan, Malaysian would posses high moral values and culture?

5. Najib is not an example of a person of high moral values. In the first place he believes that cash is king. This simply means that people can be corrupted to make them do anything; to vote for BN in the next election for example. As a result Malaysia has been classified as one of the then most corrupt countries in the world. Do people respect a highly corrupt country.

6. And the money for corruption will come largely from stolen 1MDB money. Incidentally there seems to have been no audit of 1MDB money over the last two years. Is this something which will make the world respect us.

7. Now we hear reports of senior civil servants having hundreds of millions of Ringgit which had obviously been acquired corruptly. Far from achieving higher moral values, it seems the values have deteriorated under Najib. Morality and culture are going from bad to worse. Merely introducing a new slogan about Transformation in 33 years is not going to spin Malaysians around to possess high cultural and moral values.

8. Actually Najib’s call to Malaysians to achieve high moral values and culture and for the world to respect Malaysia is ludicrous. Currently Malaysia’s name is mud to the world. Malaysians are ashamed to admit they are Malaysians when abroad. Such as the reputation of Malaysia caused by Najib’s 1MDB losing billions of Ringgit, money laundering and the billions found in his banking account.

9. Worse still is the fact that he is still the Prime Minister of Malaysia. In Brazil and South Korea, mere suspicion of corruption has resulted in suspension and arrest. But in Malaysia Najib is safe and is brazenly telling Malaysians to be honest, and demanding the world to respect this corrupt country.