Tuesday, January 21, 2014


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on January 20, 2014

1. There was a time when Hitler postulated that the Germans, were a superior people, the Aryans who must be protected from contamination by non-Aryans. And above all they must be protected from any dealings with the Jews. He decided that in order to maintain the purity of blood the final solution was to kill all the Jews.

2. This policy by the German Nazis led to Jews being oppressed, seized and thrown into concentration camps. There they were tortured and killed in gas chambers.

3. According to World Jewry 6 million Jews died in what they termed the Holocaust.

4. Today Israel is having problem with African immigrants running away from persecution in their own countries. Israel does not throw them into concentration camps but force them to live in the poorest section (ghettoes) of Tel Aviv. They were not allowed to earn a living. They were actually spat upon by Jews. Israel try to expel them from Israel. They are offered $3,500 if they agree to be repatriated to their own countries.

5. By all accounts these Africans are treated no better than the Jews living in the ghettoes of Europe before World War II.

6. The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu fears the possibility of African blood being mixed with Jewish blood. The Jews must remain pure.

7. Seems that the Jews believe in racial purity. There is no difference then between the Nazis and the Israelis. Their oppression of the Palestinians is another indicator. Given power Jews behave in the same way as the Nazis.

8. Israel is truly an apartheid state. Only Jews can become Israelis. The Arabs of Israel are second class. As for the African immigrants nothing would qualify them to become Israelis, not their adoption of the Hebrew language, nor their culture, nor their loyalty to the state of Israel.

9. Jews condemned the German Nazis for the persecution of their people. Now they themselves are behaving like Nazis; persecuting the Africans. The world is required to sympathise with Jews because of the Holocaust. That is history. The world should judge the Israelis by their actions today.