Friday, February 5, 2010

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on January 22, 2010 12:05 PM

1. In my speech at the conference on the support for Palestine (Al Quds) on Jan 20, 2010, I said that if they can make the film Avatar, they can stage the attack and collapse of the World Trade Centre in New York.

2. The press report seems to suggest that there was no real destruction of the two towers but it was just some kind of theatrical trick. It is of course a fact that the two towers were destroyed after two aircrafts crashed into them.

3. A lot of people in America (the apologists will dismiss them as conspiracy theorists) questioned whether the towers collapsed because the planes crashed into them or that something else caused them to come down. These people have reproduced videos taken by media people showing the attack and the collapse of the towers, pointing out certain peculiar features. I have seen the three-hour long video which is widely distributed.

4. Those people who watched the live telecast of the attack and the collapse of the towers will remember as I remember, that both towers collapsed straight down, floor upon floor. They did not lean to their sides as they collapse. The manner of their collapse was like the pictures we see of multi-storied buildings being demolished by demolition experts. When demolishing a skyscraper in a built-up area the experts ensure that as the towers collapse they would not lean to the side and strike neighbouring buildings.

5. The collapse of the two towers was typical of demolition of skyscrapers by experts in America. It was too clean, each tower collapsing upon itself, not touching each other or the buildings surrounding them.

6. One thing that is never mentioned almost is the collapse of a third building which was neither hit by aircraft or by the two towers. This building, described as building number 7, is slightly more than half the height of the WTC towers.

7. This building also collapsed down upon itself. Again it looked like a demolition job. Why did it collapse? Nothing struck it. It did not catch fire. Yet it collapsed straight down without touching any other building or the towers.

8. The American investigators also showed pictures of the Pentagon where the third aircraft was supposed to have crashed into. There was no aircraft or debris. I have never seen the picture of the crashed aircraft.

9. Nor have I seen pictures of the fourth aircraft which crashed somewhere. Maybe others have seen pictures of these two crashed aircrafts. I would like to see them.

10. The American media work very fast. They are usually on the crash scenes minutes after the accident. Yet I do not remember seeing pictures of the crashed aircrafts which were supposed to hit the Pentagon and the one which crashed somewhere.

11. In the video structural engineers and other experts were asked to comment. They doubted that the twin towers collapsed because the aircrafts crashed into the upper stories.

12. I met a janitor who worked on the staff of the two towers. He helped to rescue a lot of people before the building came down. He was proclaimed a national hero. However, the official report did not carry his statement that there were explosions in the building which appeared to be quite unrelated to the plane crash.

13. As I said in my speech I am not so certain now that the Arab "terrorists" hijacked four commercial aircrafts simultaneously and flew them into the twin towers, the Pentagon and somewhere unknown (farm).

14. Some people have condemned me for doubting that the attack was mounted by Arab Muslim terrorists.

15. Perhaps one of the television stations would care to air the videos mentioned without censorship.

16. I really feel sorry for the consultant who profusely apologised for the Americans and the Jews. He should learn to be honest to himself. I pray that his services would be recognised and appreciated by his principals.