Friday, February 5, 2010


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on January 26, 2010 6:03 PM

1. I am surprised when there are people who consider that I was not sensitive when I questioned the truth about Sept 11, 2001. That incident had nothing to do with the present debate on the use of the word Allah. As to not being sensitive to the feelings of those who lost their loved ones on Sept 11, I believe they should know the truth as to the culprit and not go on hating the Muslims for something they may not be responsible for.

2. This is not a case of Muslims making wild accusations against the Government of the United States of America. This accusation is being made by Americans, white Americans against their own Government. And they have reasons for making this accusation. So many fellow Americans died a horrible death when fire broke out in the upper floors of the two towers. They died in the fire or when they flung themselves down from the towers to escape a fiery death.

3. These Americans who investigated thoroughly the collapsing towers because they were suspicious of their Government's action were not deliberately or politically trying to blacken the US Administration. They were concerned and horrified at the enormity of the act i.e. killing fellow Americans in order to justify their subsequent War on Terror.

4. We may think this is absurd. How can responsible leaders destroy such iconic buildings and kill 3,000 of their own people simply to justify a war. But then we must remember that the accusations of Saddam's possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction capable of being launched against Britain in 45-minutes is also a fabrication. In fact we have now learnt that the intelligence services of America and Britain did not make such reports. Bush and Blair lied. They lied in order to attack Iraq, in order to kill Iraqis and 6,000 American and British soldiers died unnecessarily. The blood of these people are on their hands.

5. When it was proven that they lied, they now claim that they wanted to remove Saddam Hussein because he was a dictator. That is frivolous. Must 300,000 Iraqis be killed because you don't like Saddam's Government?

6. Going to war is a serious thing. You are really deciding to sacrifice the lives of your own people, not just the enemy. The killing of enemy personnel may be acceptable to your people. But killing your own people so as to have an excuse to go to war cannot be acceptable to the people. That is why the group of concerned Americans made their investigation so thoroughly. But then their Government, with the collusion of their media have ensured that they would not be able to tell of their findings to the American people.

7. But there is no reason why the Malaysian public should not know about the findings of these concerned American citizens.

8. I believe many people in Malaysia have seen this report but none have given it the publicity it deserves. Not reporting this means covering up what can be a heinous crime. When you do that you would be encouraging leaders to commit similar crimes again and again.

9. That is why I took the initiative to publicise the report of the American citizens.

10. The Government of the United States should institute a proper open enquiry.