Wednesday, June 24, 2009


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on June 23, 2009 5:14 PM

1. I read somewhere that the Singapore Parliament made up of 82 PAP (People's Action Party) members and two opposition (made bankrupt by the Singapore Government) have just passed a new law which defines one person as an assembly. Before according to Singapore laws, 5 people would constitute an assembly and police could arrest them if they had not obtained permission to be together.

2. The new Public Order Act (POA) gives power to the police to tell even one person to move on because he has now been defined as an assembly.

3. It is explained that this POA is to prevent destabilising street protests seen in Thailand and terrorist attacks such as Mumbai.

4. I am sure with this new law, Singapore will not see a one-man demonstration or riot.


1. When I wrote about the Little Middle Kingdom I thought that it would annoy some Singaporeans. But apparently it angered this fellow who writes under the name of "Shuzheng" so much so that he is quite incoherent in his reply.

2. He talks of "Lee Kuan Yew comes around and flashes off at him like a mirror" which he concludes is "the reason he (Mahathir) hates Lee Kuan Yew".

3. The he praised Kelantanese Nik Aziz. I cannot quite understand him when he puts in brackets, "(reminds of the good Kelantanese Nik Aziz, excepting the moments that Nasha fellow came along to vomit on his lap)".

4. He is also upset with "a motley of St. Xavier types, drifting, selfish, quarrelsome, middle-aged and old men, endless days on the Net, illiterate in maths, science and history, jobless, absent of identity roots, confused personalities, Chinese who can't read Chinese, not even their mother's name, Tamil who cannot read Tamil and all write in bad English".

5. His writing are of course brilliant examples of good English.

6. He confesses that Kuan Yew "is concerned about preserving the Chinese identity" and apparently not of the Singapore identity which would include Indian and Malay.

7. He decried the Malay population, "drowned as they were into deadness by the bellicose shouting, name calling, quarelling and insults....", and then "Added to this dint** obstructing clarity is the drum beating from the sidelines of Mahathir, the Malaysia Today iliterate horde". (**Wonder whether he means "din")

8. He stated that I was English educated but I am sorry I cannot understand his English.