Wednesday, December 17, 2008


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Melayu Mudah Lupa

1. Kadang-kadang kita lupa. Oleh itu izinkan saya catat semula laporan akhbar Berita Harian (Mac 24, 1993) berkenaan kenyataan Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim apabila DYMM Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Sultan Azlan Shah memberi perkenan kepada Undang-Undang Perlembagaan (pindaan) 1993 (kekebalan Raja-Raja).

2. Katanya "Isu ini sebenarnya memberi pengajaran berguna kepada semua pihak termasuk Raja".

3. Dalam New Straits Times (Mac 24, 1993) pula dilaporkan: "In Butterworth, UMNO Vice-President and Finance Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said the royal assent has helped close the chapter on the subject which he described as a milestone in the process of political maturity of the nation.

4. "One lesson to be learnt from the whole episode is that the issue was not entirely confined to the abolition of the Malay Rulers legal immunity in their personal capacity.

5. "It concerns the understanding and maturity of all quarters involved with regard to the real meaning of freedom and the rule of law".

6. Lain padang lain belalang.

The No Bridge Decision

1. The Star reports on the traffic congestion at the new Sultan Iskandar Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Complex in Johore Bahru. Most of the congestion was caused by traffic from Singapore entering Malaysia.

2. At the risk of boring visitors to my blog, may I point out that the idea of a bridge to replace the causeway, connected to the CIQ building by an elevated highway was in order to avoid the traffic congestion. Replacing the elevated highway with a road at ground level must cause a clash between traffic to end from Singapore and the Johore Bahru east / west traffic.

3. The problem can only get worse as more and more cars will take to the road in future.

4. But we must endure these jams because we must not annoy our neighbour.