Saturday, January 28, 2017

FDI from China

As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on January 20, 2017

1. There is a group of people who wants to make any objection against Foreign Direct Investment from China as racist, as being against the Chinese.

2. I categorically welcome FDI from China as I welcome FDI from any country. What I object to is the kind of FDI from China.

3. It is not about investing in manufacturing industries in Malaysia. It is about acquiring land in Malaysia, building settlements, towns, and cities which are to be sold to mainland Chinese who will come and live here. They will not number in the hundreds or thousands but in millions.

4. It is this massive immigration that we object to. If the project is by Indians and a few million Indians are to come and live in Malaysia, we would also strongly object.

5. Or if the Russians or Eastern Europeans were to mass migrate into Malaysia we would object. And if Africans or Arabs were to flood Malaysia we would also object.

6. Look at the refugees seeking asylum in Europe. By comparison with the 400 million Europeans, the number is small; only 4 million. But look at how the Europeans react to them.

7. They put up razor wire fence and send police and police dogs to keep the immigrants out. They left these people in the open, exposed to the extremely cold winter so that many would die. They got Turkey to agree to take in millions of these refugees when Turkey has already hosted almost 3 million.

8. Mr Trump wants to build a wall to prevent Mexicans and other South Americans from migrating into the U.S. They have police patrols and guard dogs to keep out these foreigners.

9. That’s how much nations are against mass immigration into their countries.

10. But the U.S. allows Japanese, Korean and Chinese automotive companies to set up plants in the U.S., to employ American workers, and borrow money from U.S. banks.

11. Clearly there is a difference between FDI in industries to create jobs for the local people and the mass entry of foreign people to settle even in the U.S. It is so also in the countries of Europe.

12. The Chinese are welcome to invest in industries in Malaysia. But just as we would not welcome mass immigration of Indians, or Pakistanis or Europeans or Africans into Malaysia we have to adopt the same stance on Chinese immigration into Malaysia.

13. No one can deny that the development of cities like the Forest City is to accommodate mainly mainland Chinese. They have already bought the properties and are coming by the planeloads to inspect and buy the properties offered.

14. In and around JB alone there will be 1½ million foreign Chinese. What about the developments going on in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Malacca and Kuantan, Pahang. What about the housing to be built for the workers and engineers when the East Coast Railway and the HSR are being built.

15. Najib’s boast of attracting more than 140 billion of FDI from China is all about selling prime Malaysian land for the China Chinese to settle in. If he had gone to India or Africa or Europe and sold Malaysian land for millions of foreigners to settle on, I would still not consider that as FDI. And I think Malaysians would also feel the same about it.

16. It is not about being anti-foreign or anti-Chinese. It is about being pro-Malaysia. Additionally these immigrants will not confine themselves to their enclaves only. They will want to go to other places and to do business. They had come in through the powerful companies of China.

17. They will compete with Malaysian businesses. Already many contracts for the construction of high rise buildings have been won by them. The small and medium enterprises will also face competition by them.

18. Local businesses, largely Malaysian Chinese owned, will definitely lose out to those of the mainland Chinese.

19. We have seen the speed and efficiency of the China Chinese builders. They bring in their own workers from China. They can build a 5 star hotel complete with interior decoration and landscaping in 8 months. And they are operating them themselves in the areas they have developed in Johor.

20. Whether the Malaysian business people will admit it or not the fact is that these foreign residents will take a big chunk of the businesses of Malaysians.

21. They need to think about this and stop talking about being anti-Chinese. I and my friends in the new party are not anti-Chinese. We are working with a predominantly Chinese party. Trying to make the Malaysian Chinese reject us is actually trying to support the kleptocratic Najib Government.

p/s I was reported as saying that DAP had asked to have a second Deputy Prime Minister.

I wish to correct my mistake. It was not the DAP but it was the MCA.

Datuk Loke Yuen Yaw was reported by Jabatan Penerangan Malaysia, to urge Dato Seri Najib in 2009 to create the post of Deputy Prime Minister (TPM) and Deputy Chairman of BN to be filled by the MCA President to reflect “real power sharing”.

Appended below is the text of the report in bahasa Malaysia.

Datuk Loke Yuen Yow, Timbalan Setiausaha Agung MCA dalam laman webnya menggesa Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak mewujudkan jawatan Timbalan Perdana Menteri (TPM) dan Timbalan Pengerusi BN untuk diisi presidennya bagi mencerminkan “perkongsian kuasa sebenar”.

Menurut Loke lagi, jawatan kedua Timbalan Perdana Menteri untuk presiden MCA bukan sahaja merealisasikan konsep perkongsian kuasa, tetapi juga menunjukkan kerajaan memberi kepentingan kepada peranan dan sumbangan kaum Cina dalam proses pembinaan negara.

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