Sunday, September 22, 2013


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on September 19, 2013

1. If you want to fight then pick on someone you can beat.  If you do this you will always win.  But then you will be called a bully.  That is alright.

2. The weak of today are the Muslims.  And the Muslims are weak because they choose to be weak.  I say they choose because Allah has not just given them a good religion, a religion of high values which when practiced would make them strong and respected but Allah has also given them resources of wealth which enable them to have a good life doing nothing.  With money they can get others to do their work for them.

3. Because of all these the Muslims are weak and can be bullied by anyone. And when they get bullied no one, certainly not their Muslim brothers will come to their help.  So whenever a bully wants to bully he will always pick on the Muslims.

4. Almost all Muslim countries and people are in trouble today.  The latest are the Rohingyas of Myanmar.  They have been in Rakhine state of Myanmar for centuries but now they are being told by  Myanmar that they are not a people, that Myanmar is not their land.  They are being forced to leave their own homes and country, to flee in leaky boats, over loaded and prone to being wrecked and they would be drowned.  All countries refuse to help these unfortunate creatures and they and their leaky boats get pushed back into the sea. Certainly no Muslim country has lodged protests against the Government of Myanmar for tolerating violence against the Muslim Rohingyas.

5. Strangely, this time the bullies are the Buddhist monks of Myanmar.  It is strange because Buddhists are said to be against violence.  And Buddhist monks must certainly know about Buddhist non-violence.  They are supposed to abhor killing, in particular the killing of fellow human beings.  Yet the Buddhist monks lead the vicious attacks against the Muslims of Myanmar, burning their houses, chasing the Muslims as they flee and beating them to death with heavy wooden sticks.  They loot the houses and shops with impunity.

6. And they did all these in the Rakhine state and in Myitlenna in full view of the police and even the military.  The police and the military did nothing, did not stop the violence and killings.

7. As for the Government, they simply explain that these people are Bangladeshis as if this justifies the brutalities perpetrated against them.

8. The Muslims worldwide are weak.  Naturally they have not raised meaningful objection against the atrocities. It is as if Muslims care only for themselves and not their brothers, yet Islam enjoined upon them the brotherhood of all Muslims.

9. Since the Muslims care not for each other or for Islam anybody can beat any Muslim to death in full view of the other Muslims.  I feel sorry for the Rohingyas.  It is their turn today.  We Muslim in Malaysia think this will not happen to us.  So why should we care about what happens to the Rohingyas.  It is their problem, not ours.