Tuesday, July 3, 2012


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on July 02, 2012

1. I have been watching Al Jazeera T.V report on Syria entitled the War Within.

2. I feel extremely sad and depressed. There is a war in Syria and Syrians are killing Syrians in the most terrible way.

3. If the reports are to be believed the Government of Syria headed by Bashar Asaad is killing Syrians in order to remain in power.

4. On T.V. you hear the scream of shells and then the sight and sound of explosions. It is to be assumed that the shells are being fired by Government forces and the explosion is in the places where innocent Syrians live. Who was firing the guns and rockets is not shown.

5. Then there are pictures of bloodied dead bodies of children and adults. Then there are funerals. One must assume that these are the victims of Government attacks.

6. A T.V station was bombed and seven people died. We are told that this is a pro-Bashar T.V. and the bombers are from those opposed to Bashar.

7. But we are also told that it is possible the Government forces bombed this pro-Government T.V. together with its supporters so as to blame the opposition. Who are we to believe?

8. What is obvious is that the rebels are well-armed. They are getting the arms from somewhere. The people who supplied or sold them arms must be keen to see Bashar overthrown.

9. Who are they?

10. I think Israel and its allies would like to see Bashar overthrown. Is it unthinkable that Israel and allies are behind the rebels? After all Israel is still occupying Golan Heights.

11. If the Syrian Government must disarm, shouldn’t the rebels also disarm? Reminds me of the NATO approach to solving genocide or ethnic cleansing by Serbs in Bosnia. Don’t give arms to the Bosnians. That way less people would be killed. Only Bosniacs (Muslims) would be killed. That is okay. Why add Serb deaths to the numbers killed.

12. I have no doubt that should Bashar be defeated, they would kill him (in the heat of battle) of course.

13. So what do we do? The United Nations should disarm both sides and have a general election conducted and supervised by neutral parties.

14. Let Syrians solve their problem. No outside interference from the West or the East.

15. No revenge killings after the settlement.