Friday, February 10, 2012


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on February 10, 2012

My Dear Hanan,

Mr Alireza Forghani, Khamenei’s strategy specialist must of course be speaking for the Government of Iran and Ayatollah Khamenei when he puts in his website the Ayatollah’s “legal and religions justification for killing all Jews and annihilating Israel”.

You would like to believe that this threat is true. It would give Israel the excuse for taking the pre-emptive strike that you say it needs to do to secure Israel. You have to build a case for that dastardly act.

Between Iran and Israel, I believe Israel is more likely to carry out its threat. You have a record for doing this.

The world knows that Israel did carry out a pre-emptive strike to destroy Iraq’s nuclear facilities long before the war against Iraq.

The world knows that Iran has never carried out any pre-emptive strike against any other country. The world also knows that Israel’s satellite, the United States, financed Iraq to attack Iran. Israel bombed the Egyptian air force base without any declaration of war.

Israel breaks any law with impunity e.g. build settlements on Palestinian territory, build walls which divide Palestinian villages, blockade Gaza illegally, shoot and kill aid workers on a mercy mission in international waters, destroyed hospitals, schools and homes in Gaza, prevents construction materials from being sent to Gaza to rebuild homes, ran over Rachel Cory, an American because she stood in the way of Israel bulldozers about to destroy a Palestinian home, and more.

Yes, all these you do to secure Israel and Israelis. Don’t others have any right to secure their people and their countries? You will say it is retaliation for attacks against Israel. Actually the Palestinians were retaliating against Israeli seizure of their lands, killing their people, arresting and detaining thousands of their people etc.

Israel is known to have more than 200 nuclear warheads and delivery systems. Israel uses phosphorous bombs and cluster bombs and together with America used depleted uranium in the bombs and missiles.

Iraq had neither nuclear weapons nor any WMD. It was a lie and the world knows it. But Israel has nuclear plants in Rafael, Eelun and Nebrin. Then there is Dimona, nuclear centre in Naqeb which produces 90% of enriched uranium for Israel’s nuclear weapons.

With Israel’s history of pre-emptive strikes, invasion and occupation, Israel’s total disregard for international laws and the recent talks about taking out Iran’s nuclear facilities and Israel’s possession of nuclear bombs, shouldn’t Iran prepare itself for possible Israeli and US attack? Or are other people disallowed from preparing for their own defence.

Why is it that Israel is entitled to security but Iranians and everybody else should not be so entitled? Why is labelling all Muslims as terrorist permissible but any criticism of Israeli intransigence condemned as anti-Semitic?

Iranians may sound belligerent but they are not mad. They know that if they ever use nuclear weapons, Israel and the United States would wipe Iran off the face of the earth with the tens of thousands of nuclear weapons in the arsenal of the two countries.

Islam does not teach us to kill. But Islam says we have a right to defend ourselves if attacked. That is the true teachings of Islam.

But there are Muslims, as there are Christians and Jews, who make use of religion for their own purpose. They don’t represent their peoples or their religions.

I am a Muslim fundamentalist.

I adhere to the true teachings of Islam.

This is not a religious war between Islam and Judaism. It is a territorial war. When you seize other people’s land, you must expect attempts to recover it. Or do you think people must thank you for robbing them of their property?


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Nothing to say about that? Isn’t this bothering the religion of peace followers?