Thursday, September 15, 2011


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on September 15, 2011

1. An online news portal recently reported the Mufti of Perak, Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria, said in a forum that he advised me not to take action against Anwar Ibrahim because I had no witness and I might lose the case.

2. I am sorry but I cannot recall him giving me such advise, not personally or even in public occasions when I met him.

3. I had been convinced by witnesses, but, if by witness the good Mufti meant four sinless people actually seeing the deed, as required in Shariah court, I admit I did not have.

4. The court case was initiated by the officers responsible, not by me. But supposing no court action was taken, how do I explain why Anwar had to be sacked because he was unsuitable to succeed me as Prime Minister?

5. If I drop him, and I had no choice but to drop him because of his immorality, how do I explain to people? The accusation against me would be that it was political.

6. If I said that he was immoral and therefore I had to drop him, people would want to know about the case. Anwar would certainly sue me if I said that be committed sodomy. He would hold rallies all over the country to claim that it was all a conspiracy, a plot to stop him from becoming Prime Minister. Even when the court decided that he was guilty he was still able to convince people that it was all a conspiracy.

7. Even if the Mufti did advise me, and I deny that he did, I would not be able to take that kind of advice. I would be covering up. Let the court decide. Even the special hearing for his appeal after he was found guilty by the courts concluded that he did indulge in sodomy, but not on the day and date alleged by the prosecution.

8. The third judge in that hearing validated the findings of the three courts which heard his case.

9. The learned Mufti may be prepared to accept an immoral person to become the Prime Minister of Malaysia. I am sorry but I hold my responsibility as an amanah, a trust, and I never can be prepared to accept an immoral Prime Minister.

10. I would have ignored the claim by the Mufti that he advised me. But the report is in in the online news portal and that has political implications unfavourable towards me.