Friday, November 7, 2008

Snippets - Former Secretary General Acquitted & Economic Headlines

As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at on November 7, 2008 3:26 PM


1. Can I say how glad I am that Datuk Dr Abdul Aziz Muhammad has been acquitted of the charge of abetment in committing criminal breach of trust (CBT) and of cheating involving RM9 million.

2. I remember how shocked I was that this senior civil servant whom I know very well should have been found guilty of CBT etc. I knew him as a good officer who was conscientous when doing his work. I also remember the Minister involved telling me how profitable was the "koi" breeding and orchid ventures. But suddenly there was this accusation against Aziz. Apparently the ventures were not profitable at all. I wonder why!

3. I am sorry for the sufferings Aziz went through. Miscarriages of justice do happen and we must not blame anyone. I hope and pray that there will not be too many miscarriages. The talks of unseen political hands are not to be taken seriously.


I wonder whether Government leaders see anything significant in these headlines in today's (Nov 7th) The Star;

1) "Malaysians bearish on Economy"

2) "Tough road ahead for man in the street"

3) "Economic downturn to cause drop in passenger volume"

4) "Third quarter may be mixed"

5) "Moody's gives negative rating on gaming"

6) "F&N quarterly profit declines on property"

7) "Britain makes record interest rate cut"

8) "Fund to prop up South Korea stocks"

9) "Iceland's swap loss set to fall"

10) "Bonuses of top Wall St execs to be slashed"

11) "Toyota forecasts huge drop in profit"

12) "US vehicle sector faces 'critical' period"

13) "Snoring judges' verdicts overturned"